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Beauty Full Shot is the 37th story event event[1] in Goddess of Victory: Nikke, and the summer event for 2024.

The event centers around Sakura and Rosanna getting dragged into a summer photoshoot.


For most people who would otherwise live and die knowing nothing but the Ark, the chance to bask in the summer seaside of the surface is too good to pass up.

But for Sakura and Rosanna of Underworld Queen, being flung up there to don some swimsuits and pose for a camera has a way of...diminishing the appeal. Especially when the actual reasons for the photoshoot are somewhat obtuse.

Beauty Full Shot splash 2


Set after the events of Chapter 24 of the campaign, Guilty's Liberation story, Mary: Bay Goddess's character story, Blue Water Island and Sea, You, Again

Prologue - Smiles, or Not, by the Seaside[]

The protagonist basks in the splendor of a surface beach in summer; the sun beaming down, the sand between his toes, the cool breeze and lapping waves. Counters is busy setting up a fire to grill some meat, though admittedly, it's more like Neon does all the work while Anis kicks back with a soda. Rapi pitches in while Mary keeps an eye out in case anyone needs medical attention.

Meanwhile, an unlikely duo is by the shore trying to fish. Guilty and Maiden are waiting with a hook in the water, though the former is already chafing at the need to wait. Her request to doze off is denied, as for whatever reason, Maiden refuses to touch the fish and dumps relegates the task of physically handling any catches to Guilty...

Further off to the side, the protagonist is trying to take a photo of Sakura and Rosanna, who despite being garbed for a seaside rendezvous seem...less than thrilled to be here. Viper tugs at the protagonist inviting him to focus more on her, with Jackal hopping in asking to be in the photos too.

The attentions of Exotic seem to garner a response from the two Queens, if only because Viper calling the protagonist "Honey" triggers a bout of jealousy. The commander's attempts to bring up the mood fail miserably, and he mentally bemoans that this mission may be dead on arrival...

Part I - Beauty Full Shot[]

You're Out![]

The buildup to this debacle started a few days prior, in the Ark's downtown. Underworld Queen kept an eye on an insurgent uprising as the media announced a state of emergency. Sakura planned to go out and buy time for Central Government forces to intervene, but Rosanna wanted to simply crush the uprising, as neither A.C.P.U. nor Triangle would arrive in time to prevent damages and casualties. Moran was of a similar mind, but Sakura warned her against going out guns blazing. However ineffectual the aggressors' weapons would be, the fact remained that even tanking a single bullet would out her and potentially all of Underworld Queen as Nikkes...

UQ watched as the terrorists began taking hostages, causing the situation to escalate. Eventually, the three could stand by no longer and planned to intervene, with Sakura tasking Moran to make sure no stragglers escape through the backdoor. Rosanna complimented the Seimeikai boss on keeping their bullheaded colleague in check, as there wasn't a backdoor to keep an eye on. Now free to act in whatever skullduggery they deemed necessary, Sakura and Rosanna stepped in with their subordinates...

Some time later, the news reported the incident as a shootout believed to stem from gang-related matters, though thankfully no fatalities were reported from any involved parties. However, one major problem occurred. The recordings of the footage showed Sakura and Rosanna clearly in the thick of things, and tensions were starting to boil...

Much later, Mustang bemoaned how Sakura and Rosanna were discovered and recorded at the scene of the incident, especially with how chaotic things had gotten. He wasn't concerned with any need to conceal or change information; Underworld Queen's gangs, plus Tetra Line itself, were more than proficient in information handling. No, his biggest qualm was that now, there was publicly available records of UQ's appearances, and that record showed them in an unflattering, violent light. This opened the squad up to all kinds of misinformation, muckraking, and slander campaigns, moreso than before.

To demonstrate, Mustang acted the part of a sheeple citizen of the Ark who bumped into Rosanna on the street, fabricating all kinds of implicit allegations and slander. The simulation alone was enough to prove his point; Underworld Queen, and by extension Tetra Line, risked being trapped in a Morton's fork of misinformation; any inaction would seen as implicit admission, while any attempt to curtail it would be seen as a coverup, and therefore be admission of truth. It would be the death of Pretty all over again, and Mustang would not abide that...

Rosanna suggested simply silencing anyone who tried to pull anything, only to back down when Mustang reminded her that would mean violence against unarmed civilians. Sakura proposed they lay low in one of their hideouts, but Mustang vetoed that as well. Silence would allow the rumor mill to churn out even more filth to splatter their hides. They needed to keep out of the public eye, but also work to overwrite the rumors with something else. The CEO's idea for that make Underworld Queen into magazine models?

Unabashed, Mustang detailed this ingenious(?) scheme of his; Sakura and Rosanna would become models for his latest magazine, AMOR TETRA. To accomplish that, they'd be sent up to the surface for a photoshoot. Up there, they wouldn't have to deal with the scrutiny or provocations of malicious parties, and they'd be working on something to paint over the negative coverage. The reaction from Underworld Queen was one of sheer befuddlement...

Mystery Island[]

The protagonist gazes upon the sea as the boat he's on carves through the waves. All around him, various Nikkes are chattering about what this trip and what they'll do at the island. Anis is excited to see their destination off in the distance, while Neon is pondering over getting some food once they reach the shore. Mary fondly remembers the barbecue they had the last time they went to an island. Even the new tagalongs of Guilty, Maiden, Jackal, and Viper are excited to make some summer memories. The only ones who don't seem enthused are Sakura and Rosanna, who brood at the helm and respond brusquely to any queries...

Two days prior, the protagonist convened with Underworld Queen at the Outpost, having been notified of the situation by Mustang. The protagonist was uncertain as to why he had to be the one snapping photos of Sakura and Rosanna, but had little reason to decline. Moran passed him a camera to be used for the shoot, warning him that the film was limited. Apparently, the staff denied the use of phones for photography, claiming there was "no romance" to be had with such a method.

As the conversation continued, Moran became increasingly uncomfortable at Sakura and Rosanna's silent rancor. She pleaded the protagonist to cheer them up, as the two apparently kept silent ever since Mustang hatched this plan, only speaking up to complain about the indignity of all this. He tried to help by commenting that he'd like to see Underworld Queen in swimsuits, only for the attempt to fall flat on its face. With the mood remaining awkward, Moran decided to get back to business by advising the protagonist take Counters with him, just in case something happens. Her whining about not being able to go because of Sakura and Rosanna prompted the two to...apologize?

Moran became even more uncomfortable as Sakura and Rosanna were acting uncharacteristically morose. It bothered the Peony Association head to the point that she beat a hasty retreat to handle UQ business, only stopping to tell the protagonist he'd have some extra company without specifying...

As the protagonist awkwardly stood in his room with two walking corpses for company, unexpected visitors arrived. Jackal and Viper of Exotic came in declaring their participation in the photoshoot. In fact, Viper was actually the cover model for the first edition of AMOR TETRA, so she came to provide professional advice for the shoot...and to see the ocean. As for Jackal...she was just there to act as an extra hand while enjoying herself at the beach.

As the protagonist welcomed the two Exotics to the team, the door opened again to reveal...Guilty of Real Kindness? The ex-convict revealed that she was called upon to act as security and provide muscle, given how more than a few of the Nikkes on this assignment were known to be of...violent temperaments which is highly ironic coming from her. As Viper leveraged her venomous tongue against Guilty, the door opened yet again to reveal...Maiden? In a swimsuit?

Maiden explained that she was also called upon to act as security, before leaning in to whisper to the protagonist. Truth was Mustang asked Ingrid to assign her to this operation, given the...tendencies...of Guilty, Exotic, and Underworld Queen. As for the swimsuit...she got excited at the thought of going to the beach, and dressed for the occasion...

As the protagonist made a final headcount, Viper wondered where Counters was, to which he explained they were waiting with Mary. Jackal immediately went into flight-or-flight mode as she considered the idea of being anywhere near, in no particular order; one scary doctor, the bosses of two of the biggest gangs in the Outer Rim, one (supposedly reformed) infamous criminal...and a security guard. While Maiden pondered the seeming lack of fear towards her, the protagonist declared time to set out...

Cut back to present, as the boat nears the island they're going to for the photoshoot. As they land ashore, the group is about to get started on their work, only for Viper to declare they must first...change into their swimsuits. While most everyone is in agreement, Jackal...apparently didn't bring one, as she finds them uncomfortable to wear. Guilty tries to wrangle the protagonist to...assist her...with putting on hers, but Viper cockblocks her offers her assistance instead. In the end, everyone else leaves to change, leaving the protagonist with Maiden (who's already in a swimsuit), Sakura, and Rosanna (who are being the same wet blankets they were when this started)...

Both Sakura and Rosanna voice their disinclination to put on a swimsuit, especially as the latter reminds "Mister" that she's apparently worn things far more...alluring...than a swimsuit for him. As Sakura turns toward the protagonist to demand an explanation, Maiden senses the impending bloodbath and scurries off. The two Underworld Queens slowly back the man into a corner, until Viper arrives with a timely save(?)

Everyone has finished changing into their swimsuits. Counters and Mary are wearing the same ones they got when they first went to the beach. Guilty, now clad in her own swimwear, complains about wanting the protagonist to help her change. Mary is more focused on the handcuffs the ex-convict is wearing, especially when she insinuates that it's part of she does with the protagonist. Thankfully he manages to dodge the bullet, only to roll headfirst into another. Viper's swimsuit is...quite revealing, even with her just barely wearing a shirt to cover everything. She takes special pleasure in telling him that this swimsuit is largely ornamental, meaning it isn't waterproof. All it takes is a little water...and he'd be able to see all of her...

Sidling past that bit of degeneracy, the protagonist turns to Sakura and Rosanna...who look positively murderous. The two declare their intent to change into swimsuits of their own, all but dragging the protagonist into helping them, much to Viper's annoyance...

The protagonist awkwardly stands in front of the changing rooms, which are barely bigger than a closet and have next to no soundproofing. Meaning he can hear every ruffled fabric and undone button as the two Queens change into their swimwear. Things get more heated as Rosanna hands...something...for the protagonist to hold, and Sakura requests he hold the door closed for her since there's no locks. After what feels like an eternity of trying to maintain composure, the protagonist steps out to wait at Sakura and Rosanna's bidding...

Outside the changing rooms, the protagonist sighs in relief. Anis is fuming over how the two Underworld Queens tried to tempt her commander into salacious activities, only for the two to come out and cut her rant short. Mary compliments the Queens on their style, and the protagonist can definitely see the appeal, though it's somewhat marred by the frowns on their faces. Viper gets back on track by suggesting they start the photoshoot...

Let's Take a Photo Together[]

Despite the beauty they present, Sakura and Rosanna's stiff postures and expressions are making this photoshoot far more difficult than it should be. Even an amateur photographer like the protagonist can see it. Viper sighs over their uncooperativeness while the two Queens snipe at each other. Meanwhile, everyone else is already planning to do their own thing. Anis and Neon are going to fire up a barbecue, Maiden is going fishing even though she's supposed to be the protagonist's security detail and has only fished in games before this, Guilty is going with Maiden for some reason...

Cut to a little later, as Anis kicks back with a soda and Neon does all the fire work. Maiden and Guilty are waiting for a fish to bite, and the still grappling with Sakura and Rosanna refusing to cooperate with the shoot. The two Queens are clearly not onboard with this, seeing posing for a camera in a bikini as undignified for their positions as bosses of criminal enterprises. They're both bent on simply returning to the Ark...and that serves as Viper's last straw...

With murky eyes, Viper accuses the two of bringing down the mood so badly that everyone else is having problems enjoying themselves...right until said "everyone else" proves her wrong. Counters has a fire going, Mary's getting the sauce, Maiden and Guilty have finally gotten a bite. Even Jackal is busy cheering over something interesting she found...

Looking somewhat flustered, Viper instead tries to invite the two to socialize with their fellow Nikkes more. Unfortunately, they're not in the mood, given how they only came here because Mustang claimed this would fix their bad PR. Understandably, that doesn't put them in the mood to play around. All of sudden, Guilty and Maiden yelp as something flies through the air. Before anyone can react, a jellyfish latches itself onto Rosanna's face...

Beauty Full Shot Cutscene 01

An unexpectedly undignified (and comical) moment for Underworld Queen

After a brief moment of stupefaction, Rosanna panics and tries to remove the jellyfish, which sticks to her face like a limpet. Sakura also panics and tries to get it off before Rosanna accidentally kills the creature. The two freeze at the sound of a shutter snap, and the jellyfish slides off Rosanna's face to plop on the sands. Then Jackal panics and grabs the jellyfish before sprinting to get it back to the water. Meanwhile, Viper asks the protagonist to show her the photo he took. With the push of a button, the film develops and the photo slides out...

The sight of the rough-and-tumble Rosanna flailing to detach a jellyfish is comical. Equally amusing is Sakura off to the side, looking completely flummoxed and nothing like her usual composure. It's so out-of-character that both of them end up breaking into giggling fits over the other's dumbstruck expression. The protagonist comments on how nicely the photo came out, to which Sakura and Rosanna admits that it does look nice...

So nice in fact, they're starting to come around in regards to actually doing something while they're here. Rosanna always wanted to try surfing (even going so far as to swap to a water-adapted body), and Sakura is interested in making a sand castle. It was a rocky dismount, but it seems like this photoshoot may finally be getting somewhere...

Before everyone goes off to take photos, Viper gives a crash course on how to properly do a photoshoot. Long story short, pick a spot and consider what kind of shots you want to take. With that, she disperses the class to let everyone go their own ways...

While the protagonist is considering doing some exploration, Rapi notifies him that Counters and Mary are planning to scout out the island. Before they'd left, Mustang asked them to see if Coral Island is a place suitable for human habitation. However low the chances, the fact remains that the Ark could fail as mankind's last refuge, and having another place where humans could safely live is simply due prudence.

With that said, Rapi requests the protagonist leave the heavy work to the Nikkes. His task, after all, is to ensure that this photoshoot goes as smoothly as possible so that Underworld Queen can overturn their negative PR. He agrees, and before they part, Rapi reminds him of one of the most important things on this trip; they've come all the way to this island, so it'd be a shame if he didn't enjoy himself while he's here. With those words in mind, the protagonist decides to do some exploring...

His wanderings take him to the beach, where Rosanna is having a go at surfing. As the Hedonia leader makes it back to shore, she notices and invites him to take a ride. He declines and instead asks to take a photo while she hits the waves. Unfortunately, she feels that she's not quite at the level to feel comfortable having her surfing recorded, though once she's satisfied, she's willing to do so. The view at this beach is spectacular, and will undoubtedly make for an amazing shot. With that, Rosanna grabs her board and heads back out to sea...

Watching from the side, Viper ponders on this bout of hypocrisy from Underworld Queen; they'd sulked and complained all the while on the trip here, but Rosanna took the trouble of wearing a swimsuit, switching to a body that could handle deep water conditions, and even brought her own surfboard. Sakura may seem a little less prepared, but the umbrella that she carried here is certainly not purely ornamental. The protagonist posits that the two were excited to come here...just not because they had to in order to fix their mistake...

Viper admits she's just glad they're being cooperative, having considered calling this a wash if the protagonist failed to convince them. He just couches it as them finally understanding that this is a special time and place for them. Even with how safe it is, the people of the Ark chafe at their stifled lot underground. That applies even more to people like Underworld Queen, who have to regularly handle the darker side of the Ark...

Those words make Viper pout a little, as she prods the protagonist for thinking she doesn't find this place special. Things get a little dicey as Rosanna comes back from surfing and gets into an argument with Viper over who gets to take their photos at this shore. After a little back and forth, Rosanna heads off for another go, while Viper teases the protagonist as he heads off to explore another area...

The protagonist wanders out to the pier, where he can spy Maiden and Guilty fishing...or at least attempting to. Unfortunately, Guilty's strength is a demerit to fishing, as she breaks every single rod she touches. Eventually, the ex-convict loses patience and decides to catch fish with her bare hands, which she...succeeds at? Maiden is impressed, but still insists on using a rod to catch fish. In the end, the two agree to compete to see who can catch a bigger fish by their preferred methods. For some reason, they agree to see who can catch a bigger great white shark, even without knowing whether such a creature is native to these waters. The protagonist finds no room for him to enter the conversation, so he leaves the two to their contest...

Wandering further, the protagonist finds himself at Pink Beach, named for the hue of the sands by the shore. There, he finds Sakura, pacing about and muttering something...

Pink Dolphin[]

Sakura is surprised to hear the protagonist hasn't taken a single photo, given the purpose of this trip was a photoshoot. After parsing over Maiden and Guilty's contest to catch a great white shark, Sakura clarifies to the protagonist that she isn't concerned with the location of her photos. Rather, there's something she wants to specifically be in her shots. When asked about what exactly she's looking for, Sakura pauses for a moment as her mind goes into the past...

Before all this, Sakura was...disinterested in the whole photoshoot idea, only really complying because she wanted to go somewhere with the protagonist. While flipping through some of the fashion magazines she was provided for a basis, she found a section labeled "LOVE & TIPS" that claimed those who took a photo with a pink dolphin would have all their romantic desires come true. She scoffed at the idea that pink dolphins were real, but at the same time, something about it kept poking at her...

Coming back to the present, Sakura doesn't tell him what she wants in her photos, given how she has no idea whether it even exists in the first place. So it's a surprise to her when the protagonist doesn't pry too hard, simply stating that he'll know when she's willing to talk. In the meantime, he intends to help her find what she's looking for, even without any information on what it is.

Sakura's face and voice soften, as the protagonist's usual kindness worms its way into her heart once more. Though she's not ready to tell him just yet, she's willing to guide him to where she's believes she can find what she's looking for...


Along the way, the protagonist spies Maiden and Guilty, still by the pier and still caught up in their fishing contest. The two are so engrossed in the activity that they postpone their photoshoots for later, trading barbs as Guilty threatens to "hug" Maiden and the protagonist really really hard, much to their rising dread...

As Maiden asks the protagonist to pass her some bait, Sakura latches onto the idea of using some of the bait to lure in her desired catch, though she remains as obtuse about it as ever. After a brief scare as Maiden and Guilty think she's muscling into their contest, the Extrinsic leader becomes agreeable to the idea, seeing Sakura's search as akin to farming for items in a game. Sadly, while she can understand the feeling, she cannot spare any of her bait since she needs it for her competition. Instead, the Extrinsic leader hands over the recipe for an irresistible bait and some scented liquid to draw in fish. Though the protagonist is skeptical about this homemade bait of hers (especially since she got the information from a game), Sakura seems to take it and Maiden's fishing advice (which is also game-derived) in good faith...

Sakura bids the protagonist come with her so she can make bait to catch what she seeks, though she still refuses to tell him what it is, opting merely to refute his guesses (Pseudoliparis amblystomopsis and pigbutt worm). Their conversation about Sakura's target is interrupted by the sounds of a shutter, coming from...Viper taking shots of a palm tree?

The Exotic Nikke reveals that following her and Rosanna's disagreement, the two agreed to have a contest to decide who gets to use the seaside for their shoot. They'll each use their phones to take shots of various scenes and objects around the island, and the better photographer wins. She's about to invite the protagonist to take her photos for her, only to become moody as she notices Sakura accompanying him. The Seimeikai leader explains her circumstances and lets the protagonist go so he can assist Viper with her photos. Seeing his company depart, the protagonist resolves to quickly settle Viper's matter so he can get back to helping Sakura...

Soon, Jackal comes sprinting over with an armful of leaves. Viper explains that she has the other Exotic running around bringing her props and handling small tasks, which is an improvement since she'd last seen the dog Nikke eating sand. After Viper sets up the scene just right, she bids the protagonist take a photo, with Jackal straining to hold up the palm leaf in her arms. But before he can click the shutter, smoke rolls in from nowhere and obscures the shot. Coughing and sputtering, Viper swivels towards the source and finds...Sakura cooking something...

Aggravated, Viper tromps over to the fire with the protagonist in tow. Sakura claims that she's cooking the bait as per Maiden's recipe, despite the protagonist's distinct recollection that the recipe doesn't involve fire. Sakura's rationale that cooked food tastes better meaning cooked bait is better...doesn't really hold water, especially to an aggrieved Viper who jabs at Sakura's seeming lack of common sense. The protagonist defends her by saying that the Ark doesn't really have places to fish, so it stands to reason that most inhabitants don't have that knowledge.

Jackal is more enamored with how the cooked bait smells, and asks for a morsel. Sakura obliges, and Jackal munches on the bait. A moment passes before Jackal starts spitting and gagging. Whatever Sakura put in the bait was so awful that even the gluttonous Jackal can't stomach it. In fact, Jackal is beginning to suffer headaches and nausea, so Viper postpones the photoshoot to take her teammate to Mary. The protagonist watches them go alongside a somewhat shamefaced Sakura...

Special Bait[]

After feeling remorseful over giving Jackal a medical emergency, Sakura and the protagonist look over Maiden's recipe for the remaining ingredients. According to the recipe, they need Rafflesia Saliva, Flamingo Claw, and White Coral Horn. The protagonist comments that those sound more like videogame drop items than actual ingredients, but his skepticism falls on deaf ears, especially as Neon comes hollering, asking him to come see "something amazing" that she found...

That "amazing thing" turns out to be an entire flock of flamingos. Sakura and the protagonist are surprised to already find one of their bait ingredients, and ask Neon to help them get a claw. Obliging their request, Neon charges headlong at a flamingo, getting into a scuffle with said bird...

Some time later, the protagonist pulls a flamingo claw out of Neon's arm, the waterpower maniac lamenting that she lost to a flamingo. She assures that she's perfectly fine (aside from her pride), and even makes a map to guide the duo towards the other ingredients. The self-proclaimed spy sketches a map on the sand and scurries off to explore some more, leaving the other two to go foraging...

Later, Mary marvels at the white coral Sakura is holding, with the latter being the carrier because said coral contains poisons. The doctor commends the two for being prudent about gathering the stuff, as if the protagonist were to hypothetically suffer a poisoning from a sea urchin or some other creature, the...treatment process...would be long, hard and painful.[2]

Sidling past those implications and Mary's lascivious smile, the protagonist asks for an update on Jackal. Thankfully, the dog Nikke is doing alright, having simply suffered the consequences of too much sand-eating and then needing to get over it. Already, they can see her running around cackling like always...

Carrying on, Mary comments that this island is actually a pleasant place to live, and she wouldn't mind spending some more time here before remembering something she saw in the jungle. Apparently, there's some kind of massive flower, and she believes it's worth taking a glance. Plus, Rapi and Anis are there, so if anything happens, it should be fine. As for taking photos, Mary declines. She still remembers and cherishes last summer as the best one she's had, and is of the mindset that nothing will ever top it. With a few more words, Mary sees the duo off until they meet again around dinnertime...

At the jungle, the duo finds Rapi panicking and Anis screaming. It turns out Anis saw the rafflesia flower's mouth moving, so she went to take a closer look...only to end up falling into the rafflesia. The soda-chugger of Counters has her upper half engulfed by the flower, and she's not happy to get a face full of stench and dead bugs. A plan is made to extract Anis from the flower, but for some reason Rapi is treating it like an encounter...

Some time later, they successfully pull Anis from the maw, said Nikke crying up a storm about how she nearly barfed from the smell, the slime, and the bugs. Sakura scrapes off some of the rafflesia's fluids for bait and to analyze in case of poison. Anis wonders if the Seimeikai leader is some kind of ninja to be so versed in poisons which she kind of is,[3] and is disappointed to hear that she doesn't know any ninjutsu. All of a sudden, Neon comes out of nowhere wondering about Anis' condition and the stench emanating from her, only to note that Anis tends to smell anyway. As Counters gets up to their usual antics, Sakura tugs the protagonist to get to making their bait now that the ingredients are gathered, and they bid Counters goodbye.

With the bait completed, Sakura sets up a fishing line and...begins to wait. The protagonist shares a companionable silence with her...right until Rosanna and Viper come barging in. The two got curious as to what exactly the couple were up to, and have since decided to park themselves here to spectate. Just as Sakura is about to move elsewhere, a loud splash rings from the sea...

Everyone's eyes dart towards the ocean as a breeze blows by. An entire pod of pink dolphins leaps into the air, whistling all the while. Sakura looks in amazement as she realizes that the pink dolphins she sought were real...

Three's a Crowd[]

Sakura is elated to see a pink dolphin for herself, only to be dismayed as the creatures dive back into the water before she can take a shot. Thankfully, they still have plenty of bait to draw them in, the protagonist musing that perhaps Maiden's weird recipe was actually effective. Then things get awkward as Viper reveals something; she also knows about the pink dolphin legend...

Sakura does her best to maintain composure as Viper prods her for who she likes (even though everyone likely already knows). Rosanna suddenly declares that she concedes her match with Viper, letting her take the seaside shot while she goes for something else. It becomes clear to everyone that all three Nikkes are aiming to take a photo with the pink dolphin to invoke the legend. Tensions keep ratcheting as everyone is raring to fight for their love the pink dolphin...only for Guilty to show up out of nowhere, lift a boulder to use as a fishing chair, and walk away with a quiet advisory against fighting. The implied message is received, and after staring at the sight stupefied for a time, Sakura bids the protagonist follow her elsewhere...

The next several moments are spent with Rosanna trailing behind Sakura and the protagonist, not doing anything that would invite retaliation, but not letting them slip loose from her sight. Sakura sighs, as intimidatory stalking is one of the most effective tools in Hedonia's arsenal, and said gang's boss is very good at it. That kind of single-minded drive to obtain what she wants at any costs. It's something that Sakura both respects and fears, and in this case, is vexed by...

Things get more complicated as everyone starts hassling Sakura for all sorts of reasons, all of which are at Viper's instigation. It would seem the two are intent on making Sakura's life difficult if she doesn't hand over the bait...

Some time later, Sakura does just that, giving what she claims is every piece of dolphin bait she has. Exhausted from the antics she's had to deal with, the Seimeikai boss asks the protagonist to help her take a photo by the rock that looks suspiciously like Kraken, deciding to settle for simply having a glimpse of the pink dolphin...

The two arrive at the Kraken rock, but the thick fog means a chance for a good photo is unlikely. Just then, Sakura notices an indent, almost like a cave, inside the rock. They head inside, but don't find anything particularly noteworthy about the passage. Then they turn back and see that the path has completely submerged. Sakura notes that the tides must have risen with nightfall, and now the path is under the waves. There's a brief scare as the protagonist thinks they've been stranded, only for another look to reveal that's not the case. Though the darkness made it look like the path is gone, it's still there, just under knee-deep water now...

The protagonist turns to Sakura to tell her they can go, but for some reason, she insists they're "stranded." And since they're unfortunately "stuck" on this island with no way to escape, they have absolutely no choice but to spend the night on this island. Just the two of them. Together. With nobody else around.

To be continued...

Part II - Beautiful You[]

To Your Heart's Content[]

Despite the prevalent concern of actually being stranded, Sakura doesn't seem too worried. She actually found this island earlier while scouring for resources, and going by the washed up seaweed and fish she'd found, the path likely sinks and surfaces with the tides. They can stay on the island until morning and leave as the tide recedes. They don't need to worry about the cave being submerged either, as judging by the tidemarks on the cave wall, the water won't go high enough for that. With that said, the protagonist's unease is setting off Sakura's as well, so she urges him to sit beside her and keep calm.

The protagonist sits down next to Sakura, but still can't shake his nerves. The Seimeikai leader becomes uncomfortable with the distance he's keeping, and offers to settle tensions with some tea. Conveniently, she'd brewed some before the trip and brought it in a thermos, intending to have a cup as she gazed upon the ocean. The brew does wonders for the protagonist's nerves, and he eases closer and closer to Sakura...

As Sakura takes a moment to get some seaweed off the protagonist's face, he decides to stop beating around the bush. He comments that Sakura seems more...uninhibited since they've arrived on this island. More prone to bouts of emotion, more direct in stating and carrying out her intentions, and more...proactive...when it comes to making advances on him. It's become especially apparent since the two of them got "stranded" on this island. Sakura readily admits she's gotten more handsy and aggressive since they'd first entered the cave...and she wants to go even further with their intimacy. Here, where no one will bother or spy on them. Where it feels like the world is just the two of them...

As night falls in full, Sakura invites the protagonist to join her on a stroll by the shore. He obliges, and the two take in the scenery before them. The fog has since lifted, and with the amount of moonlight shining down, it's as bright now as it was in the day. At Sakura's behest, the two hold hands as they go, losing themselves in the moment. No sound save the waves. No feeling save the sand beneath their feet and the warmth between their hands...

Sakura breaks the silence by marveling at the protagonist's physique. She also starts fishing for compliments, giggling over how he thinks with both his upper head and his...lower one. The air goes from a mild simmer to an outright sizzle and Sakura kisses the protagonist on the lips and boldly declares her intent to make him hers. She admits it'd be unrealistic to achieve, what with the sheer number of Nikkes who pine for him and his responsibilities as a commander. But here and now, on an isolated island where they are the only ones present...he, and this moment, belong to her and no one else.

Under the moon's light, the protagonist and Sakura kiss again by the shore...

Sand Castle[]

Sitting by the shore, Sakura begins piling up sand, intending to build a sand castle. It's a concept that intrigues her, given how she's apparently never needed to create anything herself before. Plus, even if it doesn't turn out the way she plans, she can simply reshape it, or even start all over...

The protagonist asks what she plans to make, which is...the Seimeikai mansion? It sounds more than a little ambitious, but Sakura is adamant on doing so. Moreover, she's confident that as the leader of Seimeikai and a nigh-permanent resident of the manor, she knows it inside-out as well as her own hand...

Some time later, Sakura proves just that, as already the making of a miniature Seimeikai mansion begin to form. Even with just the foundations set, the protagonist is astonished to see this much accomplished by someone who's doing this for the first time. Sakura remarks that the patience and precision needed for this task is not too dissimilar to brewing tea, and invites the protagonist to give it a go himself. He can sit right beside her, so that she can take his hands in hers and him...

Time passes as Sakura instructs the protagonist and guides his hands to craft something from the sands. After a lapse in the effort needed (and another kiss from Sakura), the protagonist recalls one of her previous remarks, about how she never needed to make anything herself. At the protagonist's questioning, Sakura admits the same applies to Seimeikai. She inherited the organization from her father, the previous head of Seimeikai...

In her youth, and even before becoming a Nikke, Sakura lived her whole life in the walls of the Seimeikai mansion. In there, she had everything she ever wanted, and knew nothing of worry or toil. Though she was aware of some...unsavory activities...going on in the background, they were inconsequential when so much of her life was joyous and peaceful...

All that came to an end when her father fell ill, his condition something not even the Ark's most advanced medicine could cure. A succession crisis ensued as for all the Seimeikai head had done during his time as boss, decisively picking an heir was not one of them. Interlopers, both without and within, stirred conflict within Seimeikai hoping to carve their own slice of the pie. The head's many other children were ill-versed in the skullduggery behind the scenes, and would fall to various political intrigues.

Sakura feared that the world her father had painstakingly built would crumble before her eyes. So she made a resolution; if trespassers would bring their weapons to her doors, she would become a weapon herself, and cast them low. On the day her father finally passed from this world, Sakura chose to become a her own hand...

Sakura found it surprisingly easy to thrust the dagger through her own heart. After that, with a body that did not require food or sleep, she found it even easier to repel those who coveted her home and world. The subordinates who swore loyalty to her father easily fell behind her, and her reign as leader of Seimeikai became ironclad. It was only after the dust had settled that Sakura could look around and see that everything was practically prearranged for her. Men who were loyal to her alone, a manor that was as much a symbol as it was a comfortable home, and the authority over a storied organization with the power to match. Her father had taken the pains to attain all of this, and all Sakura had to do was swoop in after he kicked the bucket. She'd become intrinsically linked to the Seimeikai, serving its will as much as it did hers. As the leader of such a powerful group, she wanted for nothing in life...

Beauty Full Shot Cutscene 02

A moment of passion, of desire, of vulnerability. One she'd show to no one but him.

The protagonist wonders if Sakura has no other desires, which she denies such. There is very little that she cannot attain as Seimeikai's leader, and so she found satisfaction in all she had. At least...that was the case. Sakura lays a hand upon the protagonist's cheek, and confesses that however much she desires to claim him, she cannot do so in a permanent fashion. She is Seimeikai, Underworld Queen, those who stand unyielding within the shadows of the Ark. He is a commander, an agent of the Central Government, propped in the spotlight by the populace as a symbol of mankind's inevitable victory. Trying to bring such a beacon into her world of darkness...would risk destroying all she strived to preserve...

Such a thing would normally mean a complete degree of separation, one that would allow Sakura to quell her rebellious heart. Yet there remains a shade of gray to the protagonist, one that allows him to freely traverse light and dark. At times, she wavers, wondering if maybe he would join her in shadow...or if such a thing would bring calamity to her world, or if she would not care that her world is destroyed doing so. As if the world is making its own insinuations, a wave crashes over the Seimeikai manor of sand, washing every trace of it away...

The protagonist asserts that he will not destroy anything, least of all Sakura's world. The Seimeikai leader chortles at his favorable answer, admitting how madly she desires him. To make him hers even as her world stays the same. So much that she'll chase after every love legend there is, even if it's something as absurd as pink dolphins. Oh, how her heart wavers and burns to possess him...

The protagonist kisses Sakura once more, and the Seimeikai leader finally decides to try and hold herself back. She yearns to have him, but she will keep patient, until the day comes that she can have him and Seimeikai both. So she asks the protagonist to wait. To stay as he is, as resplendent and wonderful, like he's caught in a photograph. Until the day that she can have all that she desires, and comes to claim him in full...

Sakura comments on the beauty of the moon which may or may not be an antiquated love confession and the lengthiness of the night. Bidding the protagonist stay with her in this moment just a little longer, Sakura clasps his hand as the two sit by the shore...

Something Dark and Something Black[]

Meanwhile, back on the main island, Viper is asking Rosanna if she's found a way to the Kraken island. The two have deduced that Sakura whisked the protagonist to that island to "accidentally" get stranded with him and share an intimate moment. Unfortunately, the submerged (as far as they know) path is the only land route to Kraken island, and the waters are too shallow to safely take the boat there.

Viper becomes increasingly agitated at the thought of Sakura acting all sweet on "Honey," but Rosanna remains calm. Even if they managed to get to Kraken Island and cockblock disrupt Sakura's advances, all it'd do is amplify the feelings the two have, as then they'd have "obstacles" to "overcome in the name of love." As for harassing persuading Sakura to give up the dolphin bait...that was just petty payback on Rosanna's part, since the thought of "Mister" being alone with another woman rankled her. Though Viper insists on being of the same mind, Rosanna thinks otherwise. In her eyes, the Exotic Nikke is serious about trying to drive the two apart, something she sees as in vain given how they can't do anything this far out.

Viper taunts Rosanna for seemingly giving up on the protagonist, but the Hedonia boss is instead confident that, however alluring Sakura presents herself to be, the protagonist won't fall so easily. And even if Sakura manages to claim him, well...what's stopping her (or anyone else) from just stealing him back? Viper doesn't share the sentiment, believing it better to just claim him from the start. Rosanna comments on how tenacious Viper is acting, and that sets the latter off...

To Rosanna, Viper seems to be the most insecure out of all the Nikkes here when it comes to the protagonist's feelings for her. Coveting from the shadows and seething as others make a move on what she believes is "hers" when she never staked a claim to begin truly suits her moniker of "Viper," or so Rosanna claims. The Hedonia boss walks off to get a drink and go to bed, though her mockery of Viper is cut short when the Exotic calls her "scum."

The two get into another argument, with Viper claiming Rosanna is no better than her when it comes to being gutter-skulkers of the Outer Rim, and Rosanna quite obviously not appreciating such aspersions. Things come to a head as Rosanna approaches Viper, only for the latter to swing her leg and kick up a cloud of sand...

While tussling, Viper thinks about herself and her lot in life. As a member of Exotic, she's tasked with keeping an eye on the Outer Rim, the figurative and literal garbage dump of the Ark. She keeps an ear out for information on potential threats to the Central Government, and also ensures a semblance of order is maintained so that the chaos and garbage of the Rim doesn't spill back into the Ark. Peddling information and keeping eyes on the back of her head, she discarded any pretenses of honesty or kindness. To do what it takes to survive, she became a liar, and rumormonger, a conniver. So much so that one day, people began calling her "Viper", the poisonous snake. When Underworld Queen arrived and began pressing their hegemony onto the Rim's unsavory elements, Viper watched in awe...and later, jealousy...

Beauty Full Shot Cutscene 03

Even the brightest tropical rays can't banish jealousy's ugly specter...

Back in the present, Rosanna has Viper pinned to the ground. The Exotic is still levying her venomous tongue, wondering why and how Rosanna is different from her. They're both scum of the Rim, saddled with "duties" that were given to them by entities far beyond their reach. So why? Why is Rosanna able to walk freely in the light? Why does she get to act handsy with the protagonist with nobody batting an eye? If they're cut from the same cloth...then why is Viper still mired in the pits as she is?

Rosanna scoffs at Viper's words. From her perspective, the Exotic member chose to remain in the muck, just as she herself chose to climb out of it like so many others. To Rosanna, Viper's justifications of doing whatever it took to survive, even if it meant becoming scum of the just the hollow excuse of someone who can't or won't do what it takes to rise above the filth of the Rim...

Viper doesn't see it that way, gesturing to the collar she wears. More than a fashion statement, it's a symbol of how she has no choice. She has a literal bomb collar strapped to her neck, courtesy of the Central Government and Missilis. If she doesn't do what they say, or they aren't satisfied with how she does it, all it takes is the press of a button...and boom, no more Viper. Though Rosanna asserts that in Viper's shoes, she'd rather cut the collar and die on her own terms, the Exotic sees it as empty talk. From where she's standing, someone like Rosanna has never had to live with death constantly looming over her shoulder, just a literal button press away. Of course someone who's free of that fear can easily spout platitudes. After all, from where she is, Rosanna seems like the kind of person who had everything going for her from the moment of her birth...

Rosanna becomes increasingly heated as Viper accidentally touches upon her sordid past. The two end up arguing about their respective starting points, culminating in Viper blaming the Ark for her lot in life. Her hatred for the Ark is bubbling to the point where she openly voices her desire to see the Ark disappear, ignoring Rosanna's warnings about speaking her thoughts aloud...

She wonders if Rosanna likes the Ark. She must, right? After all, the Ark is what lets her live the life she does. She gets to sip at expensive liquors, order around subordinates to do all the work for her, and prance around in the finest garments. She's free to drive a boat, try her hand at surfing, freely switching bodies to do such activities...anything and everything Viper would kill to have is just given to her.

But for Viper, who scrapes and bumps shoulders with every kind of lowlife in a bid to survive? She has nothing. Nothing but an outdated brick of a phone that barely works as it used to. Her only reading materials are outdated magazines, and even those are part of her facade as the trendy-know-it-all. Rosanna simply hears more barks from a loser who did nothing to get herself out of her situation. If anything, she accuses Viper of taking so many photos with the intent of selling them for a quick buck, eschewing any kind of long-term goal for short-term preservation.

Viper asserts that even if she did have a chance to break out of her mire, she's too focused on staying alive now to take it. She hasn't the time to do such a thing, not like Rosanna who has time and power in spades. The Hedonia boss talks a lot about resigning herself to the dark side of humanity, but from what Viper can see...she's brilliant. Beautifully, repulsively radiant, so much that she wants to see her crash and burn...

Viper asks again; why? Why can't she have any of that? What's so different between the two of them? What singular butterfly flap made it so that Rosanna would become the Queen that she is today...and Viper into the muckraking pauper she is now? Yet she has the gall to call her "tenacious?" An arrogant "have" talking down to a "have-not" about wishing for things out of her reach? What could someone like Rosanna, who has everything, possibly understand about her?

Sighing, Rosanna releases Viper and gets up, pointing out the latter's phone has broken. Viper looks at the cracked screen and finds it won't even turn on. The one thing that was hers, and now it's a broken wreck. Dispirited, Viper shambles away, murmuring that it was a mistake to come to this island and ignoring Rosanna's calls. Her gaze turns back to Kraken Island, where two silhouettes can be seen huddling together. Once again...once again, everything she yearned to possess was snatched away from her...

Jackal comes bounding over hollering at Viper about the awesome jellyfish she found...only to notice her fellow Exotic crying, despite her insistence to the contrary...

Like Oil and Water[]

With morning's arrival, the fog cover lifts to reveal the scenery around Kraken Island. Sakura chortles over the protagonist's energy, and comments that they should head back now that the road is above water...but not before she pulls him close so they can bask in this moment just a little more...

Heading back to the main island, the protagonist reunites with Counters, who weren't too concerned over his sudden disappearance. Rapi reports that their scouting is almost complete, and she'll have a full report ready for him once it is. Before everyone disbands, Mary steps in and asks the protagonist and Sakura to come for a checkup, given how their last night was spent in...nonstandard conditions. Despite Sakura's attempts to reject it, Mary's insistence eventually leads to an examination...

After the checkup, Mary reports that both of them have no symptoms or issues. Though she did notice that both of them have a case of unusually swollen lips. Sidling past some implications, Sakura suggests they get to taking photos, only for Rosanna to interject and...suggest everyone return to the Ark?

Despite Sakura's comment that they've yet to take the photos needed for the shoot, Rosanna seems impatient to leave the island and go back. The protagonist asks what wrong, to which Rosanna confesses...she can't really enjoy this. Even if they make some happy summer memories on this island, the fact remains that it'll all be behind them once they get back to the Ark. Where they'll go back to their usual skullduggeries and bloodshed as Underworld Queen. So she sees little use in trying to enjoy herself when she'll just go back to being the same-old belligerent fearsome Hedonia boss she was before this...

The protagonist tries to press for details on what made Rosanna think this way, and though she tries to deflect, Jackal is quick to reveal what had happened, though admittedly in a way that's unflattering for Rosanna. Following the breakage of her phone, Viper has apparently locked herself in her room crying. Rosanna wonders what the point is in taking photos, to which Jackal retorts that there is a point. Viper told her as much.

Jackal monologues about how there's merit to enjoying themselves in this time and place, even if they have to go back to where they were before. She attempts to allegorize this by explaining how she loves meat so much she works hard to earn more of it, before changing tracks to what Viper told her. She said that to take a photo was to freeze a moment in time. Those photos would serve as souvenirs of all the fun times she'd had, and give her the strength to carry on, even when days were so tough that she could barely muster the will to work. That's why viper takes as many photos as she does, and did so even more on this island. By capturing scenes and moments, she made memories that belonged to her and no one else. Everyone is rendered speechless for a moment until Rosanna finds her voice again, declaring her intent to talk to Viper...

As Viper mopes in her room and stares at her broken phone, Rosanna steps in and drops her own phone on the floor. Viper's hackles raise at the thought of Rosanna taking pity on her, and refuses to use it to save her data. After a little more back-and-forth, Rosanna confesses something...

Back in her human days, she'd worked as an actual hitman for Hedonia. She tells Viper to just shut up and listen to her. Her hands are soaked in the blood of more people than she can count, and she rationalized it as necessary for her to survive and stay in her boss' good graces. Even as she rose up the gang hierarchy and her position became more secure, she still felt like she had to do the same dirty work she did before. If anything, that feeling only grew as she went higher. And even then, things went pear-shaped for her. The boss somehow got the idea that she was aiming for his position, and in a bout of irony, had her gunned down on the day she decided to walk away from being an on-call killer...

That was the same day she became a Nikke, and what she did afterwards is something even Viper knows about. She became a member of Underworld Queen, took her revenge on the boss who had her killed, and usurped his entire gang to become the boss of Hedonia she is today. The part she found the most funny about it all was that, after the gunfire had died down and everyone who'd wronged her was dead...Rosanna felt empty...

A look of surprise graces Viper's face as Rosanna details how lonely she'd felt after her vendetta was fulfilled. However sour things had gotten by the end, the old gang and their base was her entire life until she became Underworld Queen. And she had stomped it into the ground until not even dust remained, something she continues to do with the darkness of the Ark. As for why she's telling this story...Rosanna refuses to elaborate, simply demanding Viper use her phone.

The Exotic Nikke starts getting angry again as she refuses Rosanna's pity, only for the Hedonia to claim it's not pity. Anyone who'd pity Viper would have to be clinically insane. Rosanna claims this is just extending a helping hand to someone doing what it takes to survive. After all, for those who skulk in the dark like themselves, rare to nonexistent is the charitable act without some kind of ulterior motive...

After a moment, Viper finally picks up the phone...and immediately starts dissing Rosanna for how antiquated the phone apparently is. The two eventually come to a sort of...compromise. Where they've started, where they'll end up, and how they plan to get there. They can't see eye-to-eye on any of those things, and most certainly would not consider each other friends. But at the very least...they can take a photo or two together out on this tropical excursion of theirs. Rosanna bids Viper follow her so she can show her how to surf and drive a boat. Watching the Hedonia boss step out, Viper muses that she really can't stand that woman, though the smile on her face tells a different story...

Let's Have Some Fun[]

Some time later, Rosanna is showing Viper the ropes at driving a boat, with the former being how awful the latter is at it. According to Viper, the helm is too heavy for her to steer with any efficacy, but Rosanna comments it's only as heavy as the average Nikke gun, so this is more an issue of Viper lacking kinesthetic skill. Viper tries to get the protagonist to back her up, but Rosanna cuts it off as she keeps at her instructions.

Meanwhile, the protagonist is wondering when they can take photos, given how they still need to do their photoshoot. His attention is stolen away when Sakura smiles at him from afar, prompting Counters to call him out on being horny distracted. They also report that with the completion of their survey, they can (tentatively) declare that this area meets Mustang's criteria for human habitation. An isolated island free of Raptures, no dangerous fauna or flora (except rafflesia and pufferfish), that will remain above water even during high tide with an abundance of food and medical resources. With the other islands around bearing similar environs, this place can support long as said civilization does not exceed 200 people.

The population cap is disappointing, but the protagonist considers it heartening to know a place where people can live safely on the surface can be found here. Plus, it sets a precedent for such places even existing, so with any luck, they'll be prepared in the worst case scenario where the Ark goes under. With that, the protagonist declares the exploration work done, meaning everyone is now free to enjoy themselves for the rest of their time on this island. While deliberating over what to do for leisure, Sakura gives a suggestion...

Her proposal is to have everyone take a photo of the pink, especially since with knowledge of the old urban legend, everyone (mostly the Nikkes) is keen to have a shot with it. Sadly, Rapi reports that it won't be feasible today, since the pink dolphins only appear once every 24 hours around this island. As for how she knows that, well...Rapi has bene tracking the pink dolphins' movements ever since the first appearance. Though the Counters leader refuses to say why, it's clear to everyone gathered (except the protagonist) that a certain someone is to blame for this frenzy over an old romance superstition.

Sakura and the protagonist decide that since they can't find the pink dolphins today, they may as well make the most of their time until tomorrow...

Out on the beach, Maiden serves a ball at Guilty, only for the latter to rupture the ball when she tries to hit it. The Extrinsic leader chides her for destroying another of their dwindling supply of volleyballs. Not helping matters is that even holding back, Guilty hits the ball hard enough that it indents into Maiden's face...

As Maiden frets over possible damage to her teeth, the protagonist walks in on this cannonball execution attempt at sports. The two Nikkes explain that they've gotten a little stiff from all the sitting around fishing, and wanted to loosen up with some beach volleyball, which sadly isn't working out. Guilty suggests splitting watermelons instead, though Maiden seems a little scared that the ex-convict wants to crack skulls instead of melons...

Over by the shore, Sakura is putting together a sand castle while Neon watches. Unfortunately, the waterpower maniac gets a brilliant(?) idea and suggests making a "demonic fortress" out of the red sand they're using. She gets behind Sakura to show her how to make it, which unfortunately means the latter loses out on a chance to squeeze in with the protagonist again, with said commander simply leaving the two be...

Meanwhile, Rosanna is trying to teach Viper how to surf. Unfortunately, the Exotic Nikke is disinclined to physically exert herself like so, meaning this instruction isn't really going anywhere. Jackal enthusiastically volunteers herself, but given she lacks the body and skills for swimming, she'd sink like a brick if she were to go out to water. Even with a Nikke-rated surfboard, it'd be a death sentence for a Nikke without adaptations to go into the water...

Sadly, this explanation falls on deaf ears as Jackal grabs the surfboard and bounds towards the waves, much to the shock and horror of Rosanna and Viper (who chase after her) and the protagonist (who's watching from the side). In a twist no one expected, Jackal manages to paddle to a wave, ride along it like some kind of surfing promo, and safely return to shore, all with perfect technique. Viper laments that she lacks the talent for surfing, but Rosanna dumbfoundedly notes that what Jackal did cannot be considered normal by any metric...

Over by the dorms, Anis and Mary are raising a toast to their complete work and their enjoyment of the tropics. Though the doctor idly comments that Anis seems to have gained weight, prompting her to spit-take onto Rapi. The Counters leader levels an intense gaze on her subordinate's abdomen, and Anis looses a horrified scream as she considers the possibility that she indeed became heavier...

Summer at the Sea[]

As night falls, Neon has been grilling up a storm at the barbecue. For the past three hours. Rapi worries that the waterpower maniac may be pushing herself, but it can't be helped, as everyone has been eating more food than expected. Everyone except Anis, who has been uncharacteristically refraining from stuffing her face, even declining Neon's offer for a specially-made portion.. The latter mourns that the Anis she knew and loved has died and been replaced by someone who abstains from meat and soda, but Rapi chooses to let it be and not reveal why Anis is being so...disinclined to feast...

At the tables, Sakura and Rosanna converse over their meals. The former wonders why the latter seems so proud about the food being so delicious, since Counters was the one who prepared it. Mary chimes in and reveals that Hedonia actually invested in this excursion with supplies and financial aid. It comes as a surprise, since Mustang already gave them funding for the photoshoot, but Rosanna explains she wanted to go the extra mile so they could really enjoy some luxury.

Sakura snorts that between the surfboard, the water-adapted body, and Hedonia's wealth being leveraged like this, Rosanna, for all that she whined about being dragged out here, seems most excited out of everyone to come to the tropics. Rosanna fires back that Sakura was also complaining about coming here, but the moment she came she was already figuring out how to track down a pink dolphin. The Seimeikai leader's lack of response prompts a slew of teasing from both Rosanna and Mary, who wonder if her lips are too swollen for her to say anything. Sakura maintains her silence even as her face lights up...

Meanwhile, Viper is feeding Jackal skewer after skewer...which turns out to be literal because Jackal is wolfing down the meat and the actual rods suspending the meat. The prtoagonist notices Maiden and Guilty are gone, to which Viper answers they've gone fishing again. Apparently those two wanted to take a shot with a great white shark instead of a pink dolphin, so they went to go catch one. The protagonist decides to go looking for them since they've yet to eat, prompting Viper to tease him about being so smooth when it comes to interacting with ladies. His insistence that his regard for them is simply being kind falls on deaf ears, especially since Viper can see that basically every single Nikke here has been eyeing him up, and it'd be unrealistic to think every last one of those glances is entirely platonic.

Viper's teasing (and expression) gets more heated as she whispers about how the protagonist has a knack for just wriggling into a Nikke('s heart) and messing them up inside, until all that's left is a soul who fixates on him to the exclusion of everything else. So he'd better not play around too much with his Nikkes(' hearts), or he might find a trail of maidenly tears dogging his strides. The protagonist voices his understanding, but Viper notices he didn't say he wouldn't do such a thing...

Arriving at the pier, the protagonist spies Maiden and Guilty mutedly conversing at they fish, so he decides to listen in...

While Maiden is bemoaning the lack of a bite and the increasing improbability of catching a great white, Guilty remains silent. Noticing the despondence of her fishing compatriot, Maiden asks what's wrong, to which Guilty responds...she's envious...

Beauty Full Shot Cutscene 04

An unexpected friendship between two somewhat lonely Nikkes.

Everyone else on this island seems to be having a good time, making up after fights, making small talk, and having fun with each other. Compared to the friendship roiling about, Guilty feels out of place. She had no friends before coming to this island, as Sin and Quency...can't really be considered "friends" by textbook definition. And thanks to her...unique constitution...she feels an aversion towards getting close to most people, given her tendency to break things. It's funny how things have changed. She used to love watching and feeling something break in her hands. But after she left the Rehabilitation Center, she became more enamored with simply touching things, though she still breaks them all by accident...

After a moment's silence Maiden asserts she will not break, by simple virtue of being stronger than Guilty. So if the latter wishes, she's willing to become her friend on the condition the ex-convict learns how to fish and play games. With the agreement set, the two (attempt to) make small talk and learn more about each other. As the two banter about hypotheticals and possibilities, Maiden's line suddenly bends...

After a moment's bewilderment, Maiden struggles to reel in her catch as the line bends to near-breaking even with Guilty's strength added on. The Exgtrinsic leader becomes elated as she believes this is the great white shark they've been seeking, babbling some soap-opera grade nonsense as she pulls. The protagonist decides eavesdropping time is over and moves to help, only for Maiden to rebuff him on grounds of him muscling in on feminine bonding time. Eventually the end of the fishing line breaches the water, revealing the massive form of the tentacle?

As the trio stares in stupefaction, a vibration shakes the island as a silhouette burbles from the roiling seas...a familiar figure the protagonist never wanted to see again...a gold-colored Kraken...

A Picture Filled With Beauty[]

The squads are gathered on the boat and on an intercept course for Kraken. Rapi confirms the protagonist's order to engage the Rapture once they get in range...

About 30 minutes prior, an emergency meeting was held to form a strategy. Mary was surprised to find another Kraken besides the one defeated near Blue Water,[4] but Maiden figured that there'd be more than one Tyrant of its ilk skulking in the waves. Moreover, the main problem was that Kraken was headed straight for this island. If it made landfall, there's no doubt the area would be crushed to smithereens, ruining the scenery before they could take their photos.

Though Jackal loudly declared they should hunt the Kraken, Mary deemed it infeasible. Last time's victory over Kraken was only possible due to the Aegis squad and their battleship Admire. All they had here was one unarmed boat that's nowhere near rated for Tyrant-class attacks. Viper was of a similar mind, suggesting they take the boat and run. Even if they'd lose the island and the photoshoot, better to lose that than their lives...

Counters returned with a preliminary analysis of Kraken. Mary assumed they can't win without the Admire, only for Rapi to claim...their situation was better than last time? The squad's collective reports indicated that the gold coloration of Kraken, while shiny and seeming like an upgrade, was actually a sign of its armor corroding and becoming weaker. Rosanna chimed in with her findings on a piece that fell off Kraken, noting that the gold color fell off with a moist slippery texture, likely stemming from some kind of marine algae or plankton. Sakura summed up the situation as thus; even with the ragtag bunch assembled here, they stood a decent chance at taking down this Kraken. The protagonist ordered everyone to board the boat and commence an attack, though Viper paused to back up all the photos she'd taken so far. Ideally, they'd all get out of this alive, but if they got wiped out, she hoped someone would someday find the traces they'd left behind...

Back in the present, the team inches ever closer to Kraken. Rosanna reports that they're almost within gun range, so the protagonist issues the order to begin the battle...

After a fierce battle, the Kraken's core is exposed, but only through a small chink in the armor. Guilty hops onto the Tyrant and begins tearing into it with her hands, but trouble getting a good grip on the pieces. Fortunately, Jackal comes in and bites away at the armor, giving Guilty a better leverage to fully reveal the core. Viper holds up a phone and asks Sakura to snipe it after she tosses it at Kraken, having converted the phone into a bomb. Though Rosanna seems vexed at someone arbitrarily turning her phone into a bomb, she voices no objections to this plan...

Beauty Full Shot Cutscene 05

Not exactly an orthodox sniping mount, but Sakura seems to not care.

The boat begins to shake and sway with the changing currents. The protagonist grabs the side of the boat for support, offering his arm so that Sakura can perch her rifle on it. The Underworld Queen boldly declares that so long as he's by her side, she will never falter. The rifle bucks once as a bullet rips through the tossed phone, and an explosion rocks Kraken's core...

With a lethal blow dealt to the Tyrant, the team takes a moment to celebrate. Unfortunately, Kraken seems intent on taking them down with it, launching a volley of missiles at the boat. Rosanna heads to helm to evade, but Maiden suddenly activates her kotodama, rendering the projectiles inert as they freeze midair before falling uselessly into the sea...

As everyone breathes a sigh of relief, they watch Kraken explode. Though Sakura and Rosanna seem to be dumbstruck at Maiden's ability to affect Kraken, the protagonist orders everyone to return to shore, just happy to be alive and well after all this...

Back at the island, Counters deliberates over handling Kraken's remains which washed ashore. It's too big for them to transport by themselves, but leaving it here would undoubtedly mar the scenery of their photos. At the protagonist's behest, Rapi reports they have approximately 20 minutes until the pink dolphins appear. He tells her to start spreading the bait. They'll take a photo of everyone with the pink dolphins and the defeated Kraken...

Beauty Full Shot Cutscene 06

Perhaps not what Mustang had in mind for an AMOR TETRA shoot, but it's certainly a memorable shot

Some time later, all the Nikkes are huddling together for a group shot in front of Kraken. Neon has climbed atop the Tyrant to pose like she just defeated it, much to Anis' annoyance as the waterpower maniac is blocking her sunlight. Viper is trying to wrangle Jackal, who in somewhat predictable fashion tried to take a literal bite out of Kraken. Maiden and Guilty are jostling over a fishing rod, which the former hooked onto Kraken to make it look like she fished up the Tyrant (which she kind of did).

Front and center, Sakura and Rosanna are idly conversing. The Seimeikai boss admits...she had fun on this summer vacation of theirs. The two agree that they should bring Moran next time, and maybe even all their subordinates up for a tropical getaway, though they'd need to reclaim the surface to be able to do that...

The protagonist snaps a photo just as a pink dolphin crests over the water in the background. Funny enough, no one seems to notice or care as they all pose for the shot. The protagonist muses that perhaps they've all found something they enjoy more than some urban legend about romance...

Sakura and Rosanna are pleased to hear the photo looks great, as well as the abundance of leftover film. Along with the protagonist, they agree to take as many shots as they can, and immortalize these summer memories before they go back to their everyday Ark lives...

Over the remainder of the vacation, the protagonist snaps all kinds of shots. Maiden struggling to return Guilty's volleyball serves, only for both of them to start chasing Jackal as the hyperactive Exotic steals their ball.

Viper waving seductively aboard a swan float, only for Jackal to whip out a water gun and start splashing everyone.

Rosanna coming back from her most recent surf, the shadows cast by the sunset doing nothing to downplay her beauty. Right before she sends a splash of water straight at him.

Sakura smiling proudly at the sand castle she's made. Then she notices the protagonist's gaze, and with a grasped arm and a shushing motion, beckons him to follow her to...somewhere secluded...

All these memories and more are frozen in film, for everyone to look back and remember fondly...

Hard Mode Epilogue -[]

Minigame Story[]

Coral Island Adventure[]

As part of the operations on Coral Island, Counters and Mary have been tasked with mapping out the area. Anis and Neon aren't happy to hear they're working while everyone else is off playing, but relent in the face of two arguments. One, this is mostly a small-scale exploration, so they're not going to be reconnoitering all the time. Two, as Mary puts, in the event that things as a whole go pear-shaped, having a place to set up another Ark would be good.

As Counters goes over their task of recording the fauna and topography of the island, Viper steps in and requests they mark any good spots to take a photo. Anis agrees, on the condition that they get copies of the photos taken and Anis gets hers touched up. The group as whole is excited to do something like exploring an island even though that's exactly what they're doing...

Master Angler of the Ark[]

Maiden tells the protagonist her plan to go fishing, and is somewhat dismayed to see him act nonchalant about it. She philosophizes that while wiling away the hours fishing, she can focus her mind and think about her plans for the future. It's definitely not because she played a fun fishing game before and wanted to try it for real. The protagonist is unconvinced, given how by his recollection (and Maiden's own admission), the Extrinsic leader is by and large a couch potato gamer who doesn't spare a thought for the future. Nevertheless, Maiden steadfastly declares she'll catch every single fish on this island and show that she can grow beyond who she was before.

Watching the fishing master to be stride off, the protagonist wonders if she's trying to look cool...

Collab Story - Aegis the Diver[]

Set after the events of Sea, You, Again and Helm: Aquamarine's character story

Prologue - Visitors to a Foreign World[]

On a mission tailor made just for the Aegis squad, Helm looks over the vast azure ocean which blends seamlessly with the sky above. Along the shores are sandy beaches that go as far as the eye can see. While exploring this paradise was her dream, she can't help but pine for the one who made this all possible.

While deep in her thoughts, her squad-mate Mast barges into her room with some troubling news. Though Helm thought the pirate enthusiast had spent more time drinking than focusing on the task at hand, she wanted her to come outside immediately. Upon exiting her room, the two are shocked to discover the once barren shores are... full of life, full of people no less. Everywhere they look, they can see beachgoers relaxing, cooking out, and having fun in the sun. No humans had come to Blue Water Island since Captain ventured there with them last summer, but Mast surmises their presence here has to do what he described to them before. The two ponder as to how all these people got here. Several possibilities seem plausible including being summoned here by the Gatekeeper, the island being haunted by ghosts, or that their visual operating systems are malfunctioning. Having to repair their vision sensors would cost a fortune, so the first possibility makes the most sense.

Helm's thoughts take her back to when Subordinate briefed Aegis on their next mission. He informed them about the Gatekeeper, a mysterious entity that emits D-Waves while it dreams and can pull anything stored within its digital memory, manifesting them in their reality. Having dealt with the Rapture several times at this point, he had some bizarre experiences in the past and has met many fantastical individuals before. The only way to set things right is to awaken it. This time however, Gatekeeper is currently submerged underwater, thus rendering most squads unable to handle it, except for Aegis. Because of their specialty for aquatic-based combat, he suggested to Andersen that they should handle this mission.

Helm is truly grateful for Subordinate entrusting them with this assignment and for allowing them to sail the high seas once again. Knowing that this is their true calling, he is confident the three can get the job done. Mast hopes that completing this task will grant them more military funds, shortening the time it will take for the Admire to be deployed again. She's a bit confused because though this is a joint operation, he won't be joining them at all through this. He unfortunately is tied up with other matters, but should he finish that before they handle things, he promises to join them. Due to the D-Waves, communication between them from that point will be nearly impossible. Despite probably not being able to see each other during their excursion, Helm assures him that his trust in them is not misplaced, something he too is confident about.

Having to deal with humans will complicate things more than they already are. They also can't get a hold of Captain to keep him updated on the situation. Mast believes they somehow found their way to the Devil's Triangle, but Anchor snaps her back to her senses. To Helm, Subordinate's absence should provide them more motivation. Completing the mission will prove to him and the Ark what they are capable of. In the grand scheme of things, having to deal with humans is far more preferable than Raptures. Since they need to get their bearings, they agree to gather some more information.

Dave the Diver[]

While exploring this new environment, the Aegis squad boards a ship helmed by a rather portly scuba diver. He was in the Blue Hole mere moments ago and now he is hungry. Mast is confused why he's making his inner monologues public and he apologizes for it. She still doesn't know why so many humans are here and Anchor notes there isn't a single Nikke among them, a term the diver had never heard of before. Helm introduces themselves as the Aegis squad, the Ark's navy reserve forces, and hopes this man may give her some answers. He is under the impression the three are doing a LARP of some kind.

Their first order of business is determining where they are. Their current location looks nothing like Blue Water Island. The diver introduces himself as Dave and he warmly welcomes them to the Blue Hole and offers them to visit Bancho Sushi should they desire some prime seafood, a place the three had never heard of before. Helm then inquires if Dave had seen a large Rapture recently, something else he had never heard of before, but he hasn't anything particularly large as of recent. Deducing it is deep underwater, Helm wants Anchor to join her to scout out its location. Dave warns them about diving in these turbulent conditions, but their duty takes precedent over the inherent risk the deep waters pose to them. Though it seemed like Dave had another warning for them, he asks them to catch some fish for the restaurant while they are down there. If they find some good ingredients, he can persuade the head chef, Bancho, to give them free meals during their stay. Though Helm was about to decline, Mast was more than eager to help the diver out.

Target acquired! Now What?[]

Once night falls, Anchor returns from her dive. She has successfully found Gatekeeper, but some kind of invisible barrier is preventing her from reaching it. This new information seems in line with the report Captain gave them and Helm tells her comrades that only tiny particles can penetrate through the shield. Helm was aware that Subordinate previously used an electrical current to awaken the behemoth[5], but that option poses too much of a risk to them to use, given using electricity underwater would harm them as well. Mast wishes they had brought the Admire with them, believing her Aegis Cannon would do the trick, but it appears Dave might have something similar they can use.

The diver has been eavesdropping on them during their conversation and has a general idea of what is troubling them. He has just the solution that can penetrate the barrier... sushi? For Dave, a nice plate full of sushi is enough to wake him up during a long rest. While Anchor is skeptical of his idea, Mast is fully onboard. After reevaluating his intelligence, something Dave wishes he hadn't heard, Helm also shows doubts about the plan, but Mast is willing to try anything at this point. Since the matter was "settled", she's chomping at the bit to try some. Anchor shares her sentiments and Dave is willing to show them around. Seeing this as an opportunity to boost the team's morale, Helm agrees to join them.

Bancho Sushi[]

Dave formally welcomes the Aegis squad to Bancho Sushi and informs them that Cobra owns the place and he formally introduces the Nikkes to Bancho, the head chef. Dave's job is to normally catch the ingredients, to serve drinks, to work on the interior, to hire new staff, to grow the rice, among many other things. Bancho chastises Dave for shirking his responsibilities and for arriving later than expected. The customers are starting to arrive and Helm tries to assure Bancho that he doesn't have to give them free meals, but he wants the ingredients they've collected, the rarer, the better. The chef's goal is to make a rather unique dish. Helm tries to get him to see the absurdity of using sushi to awaken Gatekeeper, but he reprimands her for her close-minded thought process. He believes that any meal made with fiery passion found within a master chef can touch the depths of any soul and that refusing to give it a shot is akin to sheer foolishness.

Mast and Anchor see that Bancho and Helm are similar in a few ways, causing the latter to apologize, something Mast wasn't expecting. To make it up to them, Aegis will handle gathering the ingredients and aiding in the kitchen for the time being. They'll leave creating the sushi in Bancho's capable hands, something he's confident about.

Genuine Sushi[]

Rush hour comes and goes and Mast recounts a pirate's tale during a stormy night after a job well done. She talks about her battle between an octopus and...her tongue the bow of a ship with Anchor providing her backup. Though they have severed its tentacles, the battle is far from over. All this talk about kalamari is making Mast even more eager to have seconds. Fortunately, another one has arrived and she chows down on some genuine sushi.

By tooth and nail, Mast's cephalopod foes have been torn down. Though Dave informs her she only had one plate, Anchor can tell how pleased she looks, something she won't deny. To her, the atmosphere, the food, and the company make her feel like a true pirate and she couldn't be any happier. It's as if she's living the life Captain Jack had in his movie [6]. The only thing that could make this any better was if she had brought some rum with her, something Bancho feels is an "interesting" combination.

Mast and Anchor are curious as to why Helm has tried any yet. Though she enjoys it more than she thought she would, this experience reminds her of Subordinate. Bancho understands the pleasure in sharing a meal with someone you care about, but the main determining factor as to how a meal tastes is how fresh the ingredients are. Her dish will only remain delicious for only so long so he suggests that she eats while it's still good. He can also teach her how to make it herself if she wishes, something she's open to.

Phase two of the welcoming party begins and the five raise their glasses as the "Sushi Pirates". Though Dave tries to correct her on her inaccuracy, he is drowned out by the flowing waves and noisy seagulls. The party, and Mast's overzealous singing, continue into the night.

Am I Reliable to you?[]

While Helm taps away at her keyboard, Mast comes to check in on her at her request and wishes for her to get some rest. She's been busy typing up a report and refuses to let this new information be forgotten. While Mast understands that, she doesn't understand why she has to be here for it too. Helm continues to type until Mast inquires about her daydreaming. She believes that Helm's mind is cluttered with thoughts about Subordinate again, and while that's partially true, there's a bit more to it than that. Before she can go into greater detail, Anchor returns from finding new sea creatures for her collection.

After Anchor sprawls out her findings across the table, the three notice they give off a rather pungent smell. Helm seems a bit out of it for a moment, but she allows Anchor to continue. She allows her leader to play with them if she wants given how soft they are. She has been enjoying the seafood, but hasn't had much luck playing with living fish. Due to the commotion at the bar, her radar isn't functioning properly around them. Helm tells her to put away her new friends and continues what she was going to say earlier.

The reports Subordinate shared with her regarding Gatekeeper and the D-Waves were accurate and she will add some of their new findings to them. As Helm continues to type away on her laptop, the three sit quietly in their dark and empty room. When the two actually check on what Helm is doing, what was supposed to be a report looks more akin to... love letters for Captain that haven't been sent yet. Its seems that after their previous visit to Blue Water Island, Helm has grown closer to Subordinate, to the point of her being infatuated with the man[7]. Though she tries to deny doing so, Mast is curious why she's typing them up, since the D-Waves prevent her from sending them. She tries to send the two away so she can remain in her thoughts, but they have noticed she has been off and have stuck by her side without her knowledge.

They have noticed Helm's attention is fixated on Captain and she admits to him being on her mind. She worries about him since they have no means to communicate with him. In addition to that, this experience is completely new to her and the only person who can help her through it is not with her. Thanks to him, Helm is more comfortable relying on others, but she is worried the choices she makes will lead to more mistakes.

With little warning given, Mast shoves something down Helm's throat. She had brought some seahorse skewers that Bancho had made to help bring her back to reality, though she and Anchor prefer the scrambled eggs with Atlantic Mackerel. They are curious about which meal their leader enjoyed the most and she chose the Australian Spotted jellyfish battleship sushi for the name for the taste. The two agree it's a shame Captain was unable to join them and share his thoughts on these wonderful dishes. Since these creatures are made from unidentified substances from Gatekeeper, Helm doesn't feel it would be wise for him to try some, even if he did accompany them. Though the three of them can eat this stuff just fine, there's no guarantee that he can.

With that palate cleanser out of the way, Mast and Anchor want to know what's on their leader's mind. She fears she almost made similar mistakes as she did before, but thanks to them, she's back on the right track. She realizes it was foolish to clam up out of fear, especially with her squad-mates having her back. Helm feels comfortable to share what's on her mind and the two are willing to listen, though are not used to her being so open with them, but are cool with. Helm's glad to have them in her corner.

In her thoughts, Helm recounts that the three of them working together alone won't set things right. They need to find the right path, together. No matter how desperately she desires Subordinate, she has to focus on solving the task at hand for now. The day will come when the two will reunite and she's eager to see him again. She hopes that she has put his advice to good use and is someone that he can rely on.


Mast gazes upon a fish that Anchor had found, one believed to have gone extinct hundreds of millions of years ago. It looks different from how Mast had imagined it. The Helicoprion is an ancestor of modern sharks with an underbite full of teeth forming in a spiral like formation, similar to a buzzsaw. In addition to that, Mast can't stand how horrible it smells. Helm mentions that Gatekeeper can only summon things registered in its database, and this ancient predator is about the most bizarre thing it could create. She agrees that it smells rancid and questions whether it's edible. Dave believes Bancho would be impressed with their haul and the chef is certain he can turn even the most troublesome ingredients into delectable treats.

After working his blade, Bancho presents his Grilled Salted Helicoprion Sushi. The Aegis squad still has some reservations about trying it, but Mast decides to sample it, viewing this as a challenge to overcome. After take a bite, she is enamored with the flavor and felt as if she was dining on something truly one of a kind. She only wished she had rum on hand. Bancho knows using top notch ingredients is the key to making top-notch dishes. Helm figures he's insinuating they should find more of this prehistoric predator, something Anchor doubts is even possible.

A Dish for Someone Special[]

This event can only be viewed after every single staff member is hired, regardless of how far in the story the player is

With more and more customers visiting the sushi bar, Helm and Anchor join the crew to make things go more smoothly. Unlike the latter who has some experience in the kitchen, Helm is new to food preparation, but is willing to try it. This is the first time anyone from Aegis has ever had real seafood before and Helm wants Subordinate to try some after they complete their mission. Though she has little idea of where these fish can be found in their world, she wants to practice making it for him regardless. Bancho shares that it would be more special for her to create something herself than to use someone else's handiwork. He imparts that the only way to make a dish from the heart is to envision them enjoying what they have made personally, something unique.

Helm decides to try picturing how Subordinate would react to a dish she made especially for him, but it becomes apparent the dream she's having is making her... very flustered. Needing to get some privacy get some air, Helm wants to step out for a bit. Mast is confused as to why her face is as red as Morgan's tail feathers, but she hints her fantasy with Captain was a bit too much for her heart. Though Mast still has some concerns, Helm is certain she just needs time to calm down and orders the others not to follow her.

After she leaves, it's obvious to Mast and Anchor that Helm's romantic feelings for Captain are showing. Whenever he's on her mind, their leader speaks in incoherent gibberish. With that being said, Mast does understand why Helm would be attracted to him. Since there's plenty of sushi left to eat, the two want to finish off what's left.

The Farewell Party[]

A few days pass and everyone meets at Bancho Sushi to share a toast. Mast was delighted the chef had managed to snag her some rum, but he would do just about anything to meet any customer's tastes. Since this is a farewell party before Aegis confronts Gatekeeper, he's fine with everyone getting a little tipsy. Helm thanks Dave and Bancho for helping them out. Anchor thought they had gone to a perfect vacation, filled with wonderful food and no Raptures in sight. Helm agrees with her, but worries that the three will grow complacent in this pampered lifestyle. If anything, the local fauna is more dangerous than anything else. This is the closest thing the three can compare to paradise.

Mast understands Helm's point since Captain Jack wouldn't have much to do in a peaceful place like this. Now knowing what a world without Raptures feels like and having eaten their sushi, it's time for the three to make their way to Gatekeeper. Tomorrow, the final battle begins and after the mission is complete, the people here and their new friends shall return to their own world. After she thanks the two again, Dave becomes bashful due to how sincere she's acting. He gets the general jist of what Aegis is planning and they need to be prepared for whatever unknown entity their enemy can create. The only major setback they have is that they lack the weaponry to take it on. Sounding like the two will be facing something on par with a giant squid, Dave believes he has a tool that can prove useful in their endeavors.

It's a modified drone created by Duff and though he said some functions are still down, it should still allow them to penetrate Gatekeeper's barrier. After a brief demonstration at what it can do, the three were astonished by its overwhelming power. After a brief discussion, Aegis agrees to bring it with them and request the higher-ups so they can fix it to the Admire.

The Final Showdown[]

Aegis make their descent and easily discover Gatekeeper. It's larger than they had envisioned it. Ready to execute their plan, Mast throws a harpoon with sushi attached to it... only for the barrier to stop it mid-flight. Suddenly, some strange turquoise fluid erupts from the hole the harpoon made and that combined with some shaking signified the monster had awoken. Now that its defenses were lowered, Anchor activated the drone and a beam of light blasts through Gatekeepers core. After thrashing for a bit, it briefly stops before disappearing through a time rift it created.

The waters around where the Rapture once was are still turbulent, with several schools of fish caught in the vortex. With it gone, those who were summoned here will return from whence they came. The three make their way towards the blinding surface while being forced along by the seawater.

Back on dry land, the once populated beach is now barren yet again. Where Bancho Sushi once stood, is now filled with palm trees. There's no sign of Dave's yacht either. The three had escaped the dream and returned to Blue Water Island. Mast is especially happy the three made it out alive when she gave a speech fitting of a pirate captain followed by a shanty. Anchor even joined in herself. Now that communications have been reestablished, Helm messages the commander that they have completed the mission. Mast can tell Helm was still bummed Captain couldn't join them. She is aware that Gatekeeper is an unpredictable entity and there's no telling when or where it will pop up next or what other beings it will summon. Given what they had experienced, Anchor believes it was a nice dream. If this ever happens again, Helm hopes they can come back to where they were, with Subordinate joining them. Anchor's looking forward to having more sushi, but Mast believes that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

While overlooking the ocean, Helm notes that things have returned to normal, but the breeze feels softer and calmer. If Subordinate had accompanied them, she wonders if he would have felt the same thing. Though she felt she had awoken from a pleasant dream, her resolve to protect humanity and to reclaim the surface has been strengthened further. Once they finally succeed in their true goal, she hopes he will join her here to feel the nice breeze wash over their faces.


Tickets (Beautiful Cameras) are spent to play stages and earn currency (Pink Dolphin Stickers) which can be traded in the shop for rewards. Tickets regenerate to a maximum of 5 per day, and additional Tickets can be bought in the shop for Gems.

SR Nikke Anchor will be available for exchange in the event shop.

Event Map[]

Beauty Full Shot will have its own map to traverse and collect Lost Relics. New Lost Relics will spawn every day.

Part I[]

Part I of the story and its stages will be unlocked as soon as maintenance ends.

Part II[]

Part II of the story and its stages will be unlocked at 5:00 July 11th (UTC+9).

Challenge Missions - Perfect Mission[]

One-time missions that can be completed to earn extra Pink Dolphin Stickers. Clearing Stage I-12 grants a Memory Film to unlock an event in the Archives. Clearing Stage II-12N grants the CG "BEAUTY FULL SHOT" to decorate the Lobby.

Challenge Mode[]

Spend Challenge Chips to take on high-difficulty battles against Modernia. Chips regenerate to a maximum of 1 per day.

Event Minigame - Coral Island Adventure[]

Unlocked after clearing Stage I-5

Explore Coral Island and document its scenery and wildlife!

Unlike most other minigames, Coral Island Adventure is directly played on the event map at designated spots. The minigame is split between photography and fishing


Help Viper snap photos of the island and everyone's antics. Photo spots are split between regular and special photo spots, with the latter requiring you to have the correct camera settings to take a photo. Taking photos increases photography score, unlocking rewards at certain milestones. More photo spots will appear as the event progresses.


Help Maiden catch every single fish this island has to offer. Around the island are several fishing spots. Each one has a certain selection of fish to catch.

Before starting a fishing attempt, you may choose a rod and bait to use. Additional rods and bait can be purchased in the shop for gold.

Once a fish has been hooked, a rhythm minigame will ensue. Hitting proper inputs will reduce the fish's health, while misses will increase it. The goal is to reduce the fish's HP to 0 without missing too many inputs within the time limit. Once a fish is caught, it will automatically be sold for gold to buy bait and upgrades in the minigame shop. New fish are recorded in the collection, and will add points to your fishing score.

Each fishing spot allows you to catch 5 fish before it goes into cooldown. Some golden spots will offer more rare fish, but take longer to refresh.

Event Collab Minigame - Aegis the Diver[]

An event-exclusive minigame featuring a collaboration[8] with Dave the Diver. Promotional footage[9] shows gameplay largely similar to Dave the Diver, mixing a diving simulator with treasure hunting, ingredient collection, and restaurant management.

Just like Dave the Diver, Aegis the Diver is split between a day cycle where players dive to fish and hunt for ingredients, and a night cycle, where players set a menu and then must serve customers in a timely fashion. Players are free to skip either phase and immediately move to the other if so inclined.

Day Phase[]

Gameplay begins on Dave's boat at day, which is the only time players can dive into the ocean for ingredient hunting. By default, Mast is the only playable character, with Anchor and Helm being locked behind playing a certain number of dives and paying the Gold cost. Gold can also be spent on upgrades to equipment, increasing oxygen level, carrying capacity, and more.

When a dive begins, players start around the uppermost areas of the ocean. Equipment includes a harpoon gun for hunting fish, a knife for cutting plants and emergency melee, a sea scooter for rapid movement, and the Nikke's exclusive gun, which is faster and stronger than the harpoon but has limited ammo. Ammo can be replenished using ammo boxes found underwater.

The objective of each dive is to gather as many ingredients as possible and safely return to the surface. If the diver runs out of oxygen (whether from time or attacks by hostile fish), all ingredients except the highest-value one will be lost. To prevent this, either return to the surface or find an escape pod to exit the dive. Oxygen capsules scattered around the ocean floor can be used to replenish air supply and extend dive time. Upgrading the wetsuit can increase oxygen supply cap, as well as increase the threshold for safe diving.

Keep in mind the capacity of the diver's storage, as their movement speed will be reduced if it is exceeded. Excess ingredients can be offloaded by accessing the inventory and dropping items.

Night Phase[]

At night, the ocean is too dark to dive in, so no more ingredients can be gathered. Instead, nighttime is when Bancho Sushi opens, allowing players to use the ingredients gathered to make and sell sushi.

Before each night, a menu must be composed using the ingredients acquired from dives. Each night has an estimated customer count, and it's recommended to try at meet this count exactly. Too much sushi, and the excess dishes will be discarded with the ingredients going to waste. Too little, and the remaining customers will only order basic norimaki, which is neither profitable nor reputable. Keep in mind when creating the menu that swapping out a dish will not refund the ingredients used to make it. Ingredients can also be consumed to upgrade a dish, increasing its monetary and popularity values. Excess ingredients can also be sold, albeit for a much smaller profit than using them in a dish.

When the night begins, players take control of Mast. As customers sit down and order sushi, Bancho will begin making dishes at the kitchen. Customers that wait too long may get angry and leave, so speedy service is key. Complicating matters is that sushi can be only be taken one dish at a time, with the first complete dish taking priority. The dish in hand can be discarded if Mast's hands are needed for something else, though discarded dishes are permanently lost. To ease the experience, gold can be spent to hire more cooks and waiters, allowing for faster sushi preparation and customer service.

At the end of the night, profits are tallied and the restaurant earns points based on the dishes served. When enough points are accrued, the restaurant's grade goes up, unlocking more dishes.

Collab Missions[]

Aegis the Diver features both daily and challenge missions separate from the base game and the event, with their own rewards.

The costume "Anchor The Diver" is acquired by unlocking all playable characters in the minigame. The CG "Aegis the Diver" is acquired by clearing at least 17 minigame Challenge Missions

Event Coordinated Operation[]

Durations: 5:00 July 6th to 5:00 July 8th (UTC+9)

5:00 July 13th to 5:00 July 15th (UTC+9)

5:00 July 20th to 5:00 July 22nd (UTC+9)

Players team up to take on the boss Kraken to earn Broken Cores to trade for rewards.

Diver Pass[]

An collab-exclusive Mission Pass, wherein points are earned by completing objectives in the minigame. The premium track offers the costume "Mast The Diver" for Mast.

Watermelon Pass[]

An event-exclusive Mission Pass, wherein points are earned by completing objectives in the event.[10] The premium track offers the costume "Wave of Disbelief" for Guilty.

List of Bonus Nikkes[]

Complete stages using the following Nikkes for a chance to earn additional Pink Dolphin Stickers. Bonus stacks at 100%.

Bonus Nikkes
Sakura: Bloom in Summer
Sakura: Bloom in Summer
Rosanna: Chic Ocean
Rosanna: Chic Ocean

Version updates[]

Recruit Update[]

New Limited SSR Nikkes: Sakura: Bloom in Summer and Rosanna: Chic Ocean[]

S: BIS Duration: End of maintenance to 5:00 July 25th (UTC+9)

R: CO Duration: 5:00 July 11th to 5:00 July 25th (UTC+9)

SSR Nikkes Sakura: Bloom in Summer[11] and Rosanna: Chic Ocean[12] will be on rate-up in the Special Recruit for a limited time. Molds to directly purchase them via Gold Mileage Tickets will be available in the shop.

*Limited Nikkes will NOT be added to the Standard pools in a later update.

Reissued Limited SSR Nikkes[]

Duration: End of maintenance to 5:00 July 25th (UTC+9)

During the event, Limited Nikkes Mary: Bay Goddess and Neon: Blue Ocean will have their rate-ups rerun in the Special Recruit. Molds to directly purchase them will also be added to the Mileage Shop.

*Rerun Limited Nikkes will NOT be available in new Nikke banners

*Limited Nikkes will NOT be added to the Standard pools in a later update.

Reissued Standard SSR Nikkes[]

Soda: Twinkling Bunny, Alice: Wonderland Bunny, and Clay will be added to the Standard and Mold Recruit pools. They will NOT be available in the New Commander 10-pull, Tutorial 10-pull, or Mileage Shop.

Archives Update[]

Blue Water Island will be permanently added to the Archives after maintenance.

14-Day Login Event - Beautiful Magazine[]

To celebrate the new version update, additional rewards will be given out with each login.

Costume Gacha - Viper: Shine of Love[]

A Costume Gacha will be held featuring a new cosmetic for Viper.[13]As with previous Costume Gachas, this gacha can only be rolled using special premium-only currency (Love Letters). Excess tickets after the gacha ends will be converted into Free Gems.

Letters and Prices
Letters Price (USD)
1 $1.99
2 $3.99
4 $7.99
6 $9.99
Draw Costs
Draw Count Letter Cost
1 Free
2-3 1
4 2
5-6 4
7+ 6

Items Available[]

Costume Gacha rewards can only be pulled once

Tier Items Probability
Tier 1 Prize

(only available Draw 5 and onwards)

  • Shine of Love
  • 0.05%
Tier 2 Prize
  • Advanced Recruit Voucher x10
  • Recruit Voucher x10
  • 0.4%
  • 0.55%
Tier 3 Prize
  • Manufacturer Arms x200
  • Custom Module x2
  • Recruit Voucher x5
  • 1%
  • 1.55%
  • 1.75%
Tier 4 Prize
  • 16%
Tier 5 Prize
  • 31.35%

*Note: all probabilities listed are baseline and rounded to exclude all zeroes after the last non-zero number. They do NOT account for probability changes as the pool narrows

Collection Item Update[]

Viper's Favorite Item will be available to acquire and upgrade after maintenance. As part of this, Molds to acquire Viper and her Spare Bodies will be temporarily added to the Mileage Shop.

Full Burst Day[]

Durations: 5:00 July 6th to 5:00 July 8th (UTC+9)

5:00 July 13th to 5:00 July 15th (UTC+9)

5:00 July 20th to 5:00 July 22nd (UTC+9)

During Full Burst Day, all rewards from Simulation Room and Interception are doubled.

Solo Raid[]

Duration: 12:00 July 11th to 5:00 July 18th (UTC+9)

Players use their Nikkes to take on Golden Kraken to earn Harmony Cube and Collection Item materials.

Misc. Updates[]

  • The Lobby will be redesigned for the summer season after maintenance
  • New Title system to acquire and equip Titles
  • Jukebox upgraded with Favorite and playlist features
  • Viper will receive a new English voice actor and have her existing voice over replaced with the new actor.


  • This is the 7th event to receive full voice acting during its initial run, after Over Zone, Sea, You, Again, Red Ash, NEVERLAND, Last Kingdom, and Golden Coin Rush.
  • This is the first event to run concurrent to a collaboration, which normally has its own dedicated event.
  • Event map will change as story progresses
    • After I-5, a sea road will rise from the east. Everyone will disperse to explore the islands.
    • After I-12, the island will enter nighttime. The BGM will be changed to Midnight Memories.
    • After II-2N, the island will enter daytime. Pink dolphins can be seen jumping out of the water near Pink Beach.
    • After II-8N, the island will go back to night as the Nikkes prepare for a party.
    • After II-10N, the island will enter daytime.
    • After II-12N, Neon and Jackal can be seen riding a boat offshore.
  • The game underwent two separate maintenances during this event to address feedback and gameplay issues with bugs, the fishing minigame, and Aegis the Diver.