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Wayld02 Wayld02 16 October 2023

Temporary break.

Apparently, my laptop's GPU broke that visual errors occurred therefore I have to send this to the repair center. I'll be taking a break for a while until my laptop is fixed or I got a Type C adapter for my other current device.

I won't be able to do major wiki works including uploading character Full Body, portraits, splash arts, banners, etc. To the most active wiki editor out there, if you can spare the time to talk to me to be temporarily in charge of uploading stuff.

For the mean time, Genowhirlz will be in charge for now.

Edit: I'll still look upon the wiki and do minor stuff but I won't be able to do the aforementioned things.

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Wayld02 Wayld02 29 December 2022

Needed Stuff in This Wiki

List of things this Wiki is highly in need of:

  1. Better Infoboxes
  2. Event Pages (Synopsis of the Event, Gameplay, Stage List, and Gameplay information)
  3. Section for Nikke's Stats (Lv 1-200, list it from the multiples of 10 instead for less cluster)
  4. Subpages of Nikkes (Story, Costumes, and Gallery)
  5. Pages for Each Campaign Chapters (Synopsis of the Chapter and Stage List)
  6. Pages for All Items (Item Infobox as Well)
  7. Pages for All Mechanics and Features
  8. Navboxes
  9. Soundtracks (already on the process, managed to fetch all tracks and their album covers)
  10. Dialogues Subpages? (this one is on process too)
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