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Costumes are a gameplay element of Goddess of Victory: Nikke.


Costumes are alternative cosmetics that can be equipped to Nikkes. Most costumes are locked behind premium transactions, such as direct purchase from the Cash Shop or by the premium track of Mission Passes. Some are free to obtain. Premium costumes are obtained via Costume Gacha.

Some costumes will offer additional voice lines alongside the cosmetic change.

Summer Business[]

White Promise[]

Halcyon Days[]

Snow Crystal[]

Sunrise Party[]

Sweet Dream[]

Bunny Kiss[]

Engine of Dreams[]


Halloween Night[]

Abnormal Wear[]

Awakening Fate[]


  • Bling Bullet is the only costume that is both included in a purchasable bundle and does not cost $19.99.
  • Chandelier was nominated and won "Favorite Costume" in the Doki Doki NIKKE Global Popularity Poll.
  • Rabbit Deluxe is the first and currently only Costume Gacha to have a re-run.