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She is the Squad Captain and the most powerful Nikke in the Inherit Squad. She may appear innocent on the surface, but she has an insatiable heart.

Dorothy is an SSR Nikke from Inherit.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]


Skill StatReloadTime Skill 1: Holy Fire
Skill type: Passive
Cooldown icon N/As
■ Activates when firing the last bullet. Affects all allies.

Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 0.97 sec.
■ Activates when firing the last bullet during Manifestation. Affects all allies.
Damage to Parts ▲ 31.68% for 5 sec.

Scaling per level
Skill level Percentage
Lv. 1 0.97 sec / 31.68%
Lv. 2 1.04 sec / 33.79%
Lv. 3 1.1 sec / 35.9%
Lv. 4 1.17 sec / 38.01%
Lv. 5 1.23 sec / 40.12%
Lv. 6 1.3 sec / 42.24%
Lv. 7 1.36 sec / 44.35%
Lv. 8 1.43 sec / 46.46%
Lv. 9 1.49 sec / 48.57%
Lv. 10 1.56 sec / 50.68%
Skill AtkUp Skill 2: Baptism
Skill type: Active
Cooldown icon 20s
■ Affects all enemies.

Scorch to Dust: Deals 135% of final ATK as Distributed Damage.

Scaling per level
Skill level Percentage
Lv. 1 135%
Lv. 2 144%
Lv. 3 153%
Lv. 4 162%
Lv. 5 171%
Lv. 6 180%
Lv. 7 189%
Lv. 8 198%
Lv. 9 207%
Lv. 10 216%
Dorothy Skill Burst Burst: Paradise Lost
Skill type: Active
Cooldown icon 20s
■ Affects self.

Manifestation: Cooldown of Skill 2 ▼ 18 sec, lasts for 10 sec.
Gain Pierce for 10 sec.
■ Affects a designated enemy.
Brand: Accumulates total damage dealt to the designated enemy during the duration, and then deals that accumulated damage to all enemies as Distributed Damage once the duration ends. The maximum accumulated damage is 5563.01% of the caster's final ATK. Lasts for 10 sec.

Scaling per level
Skill level Percentage
Lv. 1 5563.01%
Lv. 2 5933.88%
Lv. 3 6304.75%
Lv. 4 6675.62%
Lv. 5 7046.49%
Lv. 6 7417.35%
Lv. 7 7788.22%
Lv. 8 8159.09%
Lv. 9 8529.96%
Lv. 10 8900.83%



Sunrise Party Series

Acquired through the Nostalgia Costume Gacha.[9]


  • Dorothy has the following aliases:
    • Grimms Model No. 2[10]
    • Snooty (by Red Hood)
    • Miss (also by Red Hood)
  • Dorothy is the first Pilgrim since Rapunzel to be Burst I.
  • Advising Dorothy will have the Eden's cutscene background instead of the command center.
  • Her theme song is sung by AmaLee, a prominent singer and voice actress in the anime and gacha game community. AmaLee also provided the English character voice for both Rupee and Viper.
    • Dorothy's Japanese character voice, Chiwa Saitō also provided the vocals of the Japanese version of "Satellites."[11]
  • Dorothy is named after Dorothy Gale, the main character of the 1900 children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
    • The event 'Over Zone' and her weapon 'Ungrateful OZ' are also both a nod to the novel.
    • Because she was a part of the Goddess squad, her name follows the naming theme of the Pioneer's Nikkes. Therefore, this makes her the only member of Inherit to be named after a fictional character instead of a Biblical figure.
  • The video in Dorothy's recruit banner shows a Product 23 which is obviously a reference to Pinne.
    • Pinne's pendant is pinned to the left feather of Dorothy's headdress in her combat form, as a keepsake to her late friend.
    • During the first anniversary livestream, it was revealed that Dorothy named her Eden armor after Pinne.
    • Moreover, a stuffed toy resembling Pinne is seen in her Nostalgia outfit.
  • According to an interview and excluding Liliweiss, Dorothy is said to be the strongest Goddess member when going all out.[12]
  • The popular community-made meme, "Dororong" or "Doro" is based on Dorothy's character and shows a quadrupedal being with cat-like expression (:3). It originated from a Korean game forum, where another meme centered around the character Stella from SoulWorker spread and affected other Game communities to make a similar meme.[13] Doro among them became particularly popular and subsequently spread to Japanese and Global forums to the point that even NIKKE's game developers took notice of it. This resulted in:
    • The game's April Fools event Liar's End portraying Matis as Doro-like characters.
    • Shifty portrayed as a Doro-like character and put on suggestive art for censorship during Official Livestreams and Announcements.
    • Shift UP's CEO Kim Hyung-Tae and his wife Jiyun Chae (KKUEM) are seen with a Santa-themed Doro pillow during an official visit by Shuhei Yoshida.[14]