Nikke Goddess of Victory International Wiki

Equipment is one of the ways to strengthen your Nikkes. There are 4 different pieces of equipment that a Nikke can wear: Head, Torso, Arm, and Leg pieces. Different equipment pieces strengthen different attributes of a Nikke's status. Nikkes can only wear equipment made for their own class (Attacker, Defender, and Supporter).

Acquiring Equipment[]

There are multiple ways to accrue equipment for Nikkes;


Interception mode is the primary method of attaining equipment, with higher scores even offering Manufacturer bonuses on the awarded gear.

Campaign Progress[]

Some stages in the Campaign offer equipment as a clearing reward

Outpost Defense[]

The Outpost can sometimes grant equipment as a resource from gradual generation or Wipe Out. The level of available equipment increases as the Outpost Defense level increases.

Shop Purchases[]

The General Shop sells basic equipment in exchange for Credits. The Arena shop sells equipment with Manufacturer bonuses. Some packs in the Cash Shop will also include equipment.

Equipment Enhancement[]

Equipment pieces can be enhanced when they are Tier 3 or higher-grade. You can upgrade the equipment pieces by using Boost Modules and/or other equipment pieces to further increase the equipment attributes.

Equipment can be enhanced to a maximum level of 5. Excess EXP upon reaching level 5 will either be converted into Boost Modules or scrapped.

Manufacturer Bonus[]

When a Nikke wears an equipment piece that has a manufacturer bonus matching the Nikke's manufacturer, the equipment piece's attribute will increase further. This applies to equipment pieces that are Tier 4 or higher-grade.


"Overloading" Is an upgrade exclusive to tier 9 gear with manufacturer bonuses that has reached maximum level, converting it into "Tier 10" or "overload" tier gear. Overloading gear consumes one Custom Module, increases its base stats, and replaces the manufacturer bonus with 1-3 random bonus effects. Custom Modules can also be spent to either reroll bonuses, lock in certain bonuses or adjust the scaling of bonuses

Overloaded gear will be locked to the equipped Nikke and cannot be unequipped.

List of special bonuses
Effect Scaling Probability
Increase Elemental Damage 9.54-29.16% 10%
Increase Hit Rate 4.77-14.63% 12%
Increase Ammo 27.84-85 .37% 12%
Increase ATK 4.77-14.63% 10%
Increase Charge Damage 4.77-14.63% 12%
Increase Charge Speed 1.98-6.09% 12%
Increase Critical Rate 2.3-7.07% 12%
Increase Critical Damage 6.64-20.36% 10%
Increase DEF 4.77-14.63% 10%

Equipment List[]

Tier Attacker Defender Supporter
1 Kevlar Visor Kevlar Vest Kevlar Armguard Kevlar Boots Kevlar Helmet Kevlar Gear Kevlar Gauntlets Kevlar Gaiters Kevlar Goggles Kevlar Jacket Kevlar Gloves Kevlar Shoes
2 Ceramic Visor Ceramic Vest Ceramic Armguard Ceramic Boots Ceramic Helmet Ceramic Gear Ceramic Gauntlets Ceramic Gaiters Ceramic Goggles Ceramic Jacket Ceramic Gloves Ceramic Shoes
3 Rare Metallic Visor Rare Metallic Vest Rare Metallic Armguard Rare Metallic Boots Rare Metallic Helmet Rare Metallic Gear Rare Metallic Gauntlets Rare Metallic Gaiters Rare Metallic Goggles Rare Metallic Jacket Rare Metallic Gloves Rare Metallic Shoes
4 Rare Metallic Visor+ Rare Metallic Vest+ Rare Metallic Armguard+ Rare Metallic Boots+ Rare Metallic Helmet+ Rare Metallic Gear+ Rare Metallic Gauntlets+ Rare Metallic Gaiters+ Rare Metallic Goggles+ Rare Metallic Jacket+ Rare Metallic Gloves+ Rare Metallic Shoes+
5 Goddesium Visor Goddesium Vest Goddesium Armguard Goddesium Boots Goddesium Helmet Goddesium Gear Goddesium Gauntlets Goddesium Gaiters Goddesium Goggles Goddesium Jacket Goddesium Gloves Goddesium Shoes
6 Goddesium Visor+ Goddesium Vest+ Goddesium Armguard+ Goddesium Boots+ Goddesium Helmet+ Goddesium Gear+ Goddesium Gauntlets+ Goddesium Gaiters+ Goddesium Goggles+ Goddesium Jacket+ Goddesium Gloves+ Goddesium Shoes+
7 Titanium Visor Titanium Vest Titanium Armguard Titanium Boots Atlas Helmet Atlas Gear Atlas Gauntlets Atlas Gaiters Yellow Code Goggles Yellow Code Jacket Yellow Code Gloves Yellow Code Shoes
8 Titanium Visor+ Titanium Vest+ Titanium Armguard+ Titanium Boots+ Atlas Helmet+ Atlas Gear+ Atlas Gauntlets+ Atlas Gaiters+ Yellow Code Goggles+ Yellow Code Jacket+ Yellow Code Gloves+ Yellow Code Shoes+
9 α-Alloy Visor α-Alloy Vest α-Alloy Armguard α-Alloy Boots Type-31 Helmet Type-31 Gear Type-31 Gauntlets Type-31 Gaiters Code-IX Goggles Code-IX Jacket Code-IX Gloves Code-IX Shoes