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Goddess of Victory: Nikke[Note 1] is a 2022 mobile third-person shooter game developed by SHIFT UP and published by Level Infinite, a subsidiary of Tencent Games. The game was released on November 4, 2022 for Android and iOS, and later on February 15, 2023 for Microsoft Windows.


Players assume the role of a Commander of the Ark. The game allows the player to control up to 5 of the titular Nikkes who must fight against the Raptures, switching between characters distributed in a row. Depending on the objective, the player must complete a stage by destroying the end boss (Destroy), prevent 20 enemies from entering the base (Defense Battle), or occupy all space and prevent Raptures from taking over the base (Base Defense).


  • Campaign - The main storyline of the game. Each chapters have stages of gradually increasing difficulty.
  • Event - The limited-time events of the game. Contains many bountiful rewards.
  • Recruit - Main gacha system of the game. Players can recruit for a chance to get R, Sr, or Ssr Nikkes.
  • Gear - Equipment for Nikkes to bolster their stats. They are primarily obtained through the Interception.
  • Costumes - Outfits that can be equipped to your Nikkes mostly for aesthetic purposes.
  • Liberation - Choose between three Nikkes from the Real Kindness squad and accumulate points to rehabilitate them, in order to join your squad.
  • Outpost - An area that most Nikkes spend their daily lives. Buildings can be built here via Blueprints that can be obtained in the campaign map.
  • Shop - Use different currencies to purchase items here.
  • Friends - Social system. Players can have up to 30 friends in their list. Used in farming Social Points.
  • Union - The primary guild system of the game. Union features the Shooting Range and Union Raid.

Game Modes[]

  • Simulation Room - A simulated battlefield used in training Nikkes. Players can earn Skill upgrades in this room.
  • Interception - Players are tasked in fighting against a Tyrant-class Rapture, earning stages of rewards.
  • Tribe Tower - A tower containing different floors of increasing difficulty. Manufacturer-specific towers are also available.
  • Lost Sector - A dungeon-like element where players can collect Cubes to bolster a Nikke's stats.


Goddess of Victory: Nikke takes place in a distant future where mankind is forced to retreat in an underground city known as the 'Ark', due to the Raptures, quasi-mechanical-like alien life forms who decided to take over Earth and wreak havoc upon humanity.

As a last ditch effort to reclaim the surface after numerous failures, humanity joined forces to establish the "United Forces of Humanity" and began developing the "Nikkes," female warriors capable of fighting the Raptures.

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  1. Hangul: 승리의 여신: 니케. Formerly known as Nikke: The Goddess of Victory.