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Welcome to Goddess of Victory: Nikke Wiki! We are still a work-in-progress Wiki that anyone can help and contribute! Feel free to edit as long as you're eligible enough to be a Wiki editor. However as with any Wiki, we have a set of guidelines and policies that everyone must follow as a user.

By agreeing to our community guidelines & policy, you are also agreeing to the FANDOM's terms of use.

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Your all-around guidelines that are generally adhered by the Wiki.

  • Ask for help! If you are uncertain as to how to start contributing for the Wiki, feel free to contact an administrator or moderator to guide you.
  • Speak in English. This is the one general guideline everyone shall adhere.
  • Ocassional swearing is accepted to some extent, but please do not use it against an another user or person. Refer to the Discussion etiquettes.
  • DO NOT promote or discuss anything that violates the Terms of Service of the game. Doing so will result in your user account getting blocked indefinitely.
  • When a Wiki user is confirmed to be below the age of 13 (or 16 in California and the European Economic Area excluding United Kingdom), they will be immediately blocked and reported to the FANDOM staff.
  • Please only upload videos published by the official Goddess of Victory: Nikke social media or affiliates (e.g. sound director). Any second or third-party uploads will be removed.

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These are the guidelines for Wiki editing.

  • Write articles in English. Goddess of Victory: Nikke Wiki is an international Wiki, therefore stick to the universal language to understand each other.
  • Do not add gibberish, spam, or nonsensical edit on articles. Further attempts on doing so will result in your account getting blocked.
  • Make sure your information is accurate. A Wiki is meant to be an encyclopedia of knowledge. Any information deemed as false or inaccurate will be reverted or corrected by other users.
    • Intentionally removing or adding misinformation to pages will not be tolerated.
  • Do not engage in "editing war." An 'editing war' refers to two different users adding or removing each other's contributions, likely due to disagreement and conflict. Discourage yourself from engaging on such act, and instead discuss your editing matters with the other user to resolve issues regarding edits.
  • Add Stub template to low-faith pages. A low-faith page refers to a page that has little to zero information added. Any articles that are created without the Stub template will be a subject to removal, unless the article is edited to become comprehensive and well-edited.
    • If a page met the Standards of Wiki editing but still has some missing information, use the Construction template instead.

Leaked and datamined content

Because Shift Up has zero tolerance for leaked information or the unpacking of datamined upcoming content due to the negative impact it can bring on game development, we are prioritizing that no leaked unofficial content gets past on the Wiki. As such, the Goddess of Victory: Nikke Wiki has no place for leaked content. Any upload or discussion about datamined/leaked unofficial content will be immediately removed and the user will be warned immediately.

Allowed datamined content
  • Datamined content of released characters, items, enemies, game modes, event, etc.
  • Stats and skills of a characters that are released.
  • Description of items that are released.
  • Audio files of characters, enemies, and game modes that are released.
  • Information about characters, features, and events officially announced by the game's official social media accounts, providing they are already accessible in the current version of Goddess of Victory: Nikke.
Disallowed datamined content
  • Datamined content of characters, items, events, and features that are not yet released.
  • Datamined content of characters, items, events, and features that cannot be unlocked currently by any means neccesary.
  • Audio files of unreleased content.
  • The mention of a leaked or datamined information that is not announced elsewhere by the Goddess of Victory: Nikke official social media accounts or current version.
Speculations are still allowed nonetheless although article edits, discussion, and comments will be monitored. Closed Beta Content informations are allowed but they would end up in a different section since most CBT-related content are a subject of change.

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Every Wiki has article comments or discussion forums. Please discuss in a civilized manner.

  • Treat everyone with equal respect. Do not attempt to engage in behaviors that instigate harassment, profanity, bullying, prejudice, bigotry, or discrimination. All of these are not tolerated in this Wiki.
  • Do not spam. Spam of any form will be removed including very long nonsensical comments, emoji spam, and so on.
  • If you have a problem on a certain user, do not incite drama or backseat to exacerbate the situation. Contact your local wiki staff instead to assess the situation.
  • Avoid necrobumping threads. Necrobumping is an act of interacting on a discussion that has been inactive for more than a month or longer. Refrain from doing so, unless you have something else useful to add.
  • Don't be a degenerate. Any forms of indecency such as thirst comments (e.g. "MOMMY!?", "PLS STEP ON ME", and "uooohhh 😭😭😭😭 cute and funny") or anything related will be removed.

Inappropriate / NSFW content

Despite the game's suggestive content and theming, inappropriate or not safe for work (NSFW) contents are still strictly prohibited in the Wiki. Inappropriate content of any kind will NOT be tolerated, and the user may be blocked depending on the content in question being posted.

The following content are considered to be inappropriate or not safe for work, but not limited to:

  • The depiction of a character engaging in a sexually-explicit manner.
  • Content that promotes highly-gruesome or disturbing nature designed to shock its viewers.
  • Content that can lead to neurological or audiological disturbances such as epileptic seizures or tinnitus.
  • Bait-and-switch content used to mislead users such as phishing links.


Do not discuss anything that is considered as off-topic. Any posts or comments unrelated to Goddess of Victory: Nikke will be removed. The following are considered as off-topic and therefore will be removed:

  • Discussion of topics that are not related to Goddess of Victory: Nikke.
  • Article comments that are not related to Goddess of Victory: Nikke.
  • Uploading images or videos that are not related to Goddess of Victory: Nikke.
  • Highly controversial topics that are generally considered to be an elephant in the room. This include topics that may incite offensive demeanor such as gender, race, politics, religion, and the like. These are very serious topics not to be included in this Wiki, therefore highly prohibited.

Discussion category

There are different categories that help appropriate the topic in the Discussion thread:

  • General: Any general discussions related to the game or this wiki.
  • Gameplay: Gameplay-related discussions about Goddess of Victory: Nikke.
  • Help: Any discussions related for troubleshooting in a certain stage, team building, etc.
  • Nikke Lore: Discussions related to the world of Goddess of Victory: Nikke and its lore aspect.
  • Artwork: Discussion of artworks including official and fan-arts. Credit where it's due, please respect copyright and give credits to the original artist if an artwork is not your own.
  • Gacha/RNG: Gacha and RNG fall under this category.
  • Memes: As the name says it all, pictures and videos meant for memes and humor are under this category.
Please categorize your discussions properly to sort them properly.

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Wiki Staffs are your local-level staffs who manage every aspect of Goddess of Victory: Nikke Wiki. They are responsible in enforcing stability and order of the Wiki. Please treat them with kindness and utmost respect at all times, like any other users. A staff's words are absolute, so if they instruct you to forbid doing something, please comply. Any forms of smart-shaming, ad hominem, or circumvention will be counted as a major offense.

If you believe a staff is unruly or you have problems regarding a wiki staff's handling, feel free to contact them to resolve the situation. For more information about user rights, refer to Help:User rights.

List of staff members

Content moderator


Content moderator

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A user who has violated the community guidelines will be warned for their infraction by a moderator or admin, via their Message Wall. Please do not take warnings personally, as they are only tallies for your offenses. If you believe that you have not violated any of our guidelines or this is just a misunderstanding, feel free to make an appeal to the local staff as long as you are reasonable about it.

Users can report a comment on both articles or threads that may be deemed a violation to the community guidelines and policy via the use of the report function. A staff member will be notified whenever a comment has been reported. Please use this function appropriately. Intentional misuse of the report function is considered an infraction of the community guidelines and therefore, will lead to punishment.

Blocking & sockpuppetry

When a user commits multiple infractions, they will be blocked with a duration depending on the gravity of their violations (Usually minimum of a week or two). A blocked user cannot access certain privileges that autoconfirmed or registered users can access such as editing, uploading, messaging, and so on. Not all blocks are initiated through multiple warnings. Some of our guidelines can lead to instant block upon violation.

A sockpuppet refers to an alternate account created by a blocked user. Creating a sockpuppet account to circumvent an active block will be considered as a major offense and any blocked user's suspected sockpuppet accounts will be blocked on sight.