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The Outpost is a location in Goddess of Victory: Nikke.


The Outpost is one of several such facilities in human-controlled territory on the surface. While its intended role is to act as a center of operations and resupply point for squads on the surface, oftentimes being sent here is considered a punishment, as the proximity teems with Raptures and its distance from the Ark means getting anything, from essentials like food to luxuries like fixing the hot water supply, are laborious.

The original intent was to have the Outpost act as a midway point between the Ark and the surface. Unfortunately, the architects dug too close to the surface, allowing Raptures easy access to the facility. Casualties were high, and almost every elevator was destroyed, save for one to the Ark, and one to the surface

Notable Facilities[]

Outpost Defense[]

Over the course of time, the Outpost will generate resources, including Item Credit Credits, Battle Data, Item Core Dust Core Dust, Player EXP, and equipment. The player can collect these resources directly from the Outpost or the Outpost Defense tab on the Home screen. The Outpost will reach maximum capacity after 12 hours. Following a brief maintenance on November 10th, 2023, the Outpost Defense Reward capacity was increased to 24 hours.

By clearing campaign stages, Outpost Defense can be leveled up, increasing the amount of resources generated.

"Wipe Out" can be performed to immediately earn 2 hours' worth of resources (except EXP). The first Wipe Out is given for free each day, with additional Wipe Outs costing 50 Gems. Wipe Out can be performed 11 times per day, including the daily freebie.

Following the Red Ash update, an Excess Rewards Accumulation feature was implemented. Once the standard Defense Reward storage reaches maximum capacity, additional rewards will still be generated and stored, though the earnings will only be 15% of the normal rate.

Tactics Academy[]

A research facility that educates Nikkes on combat tactics. The instructors are strict, but the passion that courses through their classes is as impressive as their intensity.

By paying Credits to complete "classes" at the Tactics Academy, various benefits can be gained, such as increasing Outpost Defense resource generation, increased Interception rewards, or extra slots in the Synchro Device. Aside from the Credit fee, each course requires having certain Nikkes in the roster and/or a certain building constructed.

Lesson Name Student Requirement(s) Result
Class A 1-1 Outpost Lesson
Soldier EG
Soldier EG
  • 5,000Item Credit
Unlock 3 Building slot(s)
1-2 Outpost Defense Lesson
Soldier FA
Soldier FA
  • Study 1-1 Outpost Lesson
  • 5,000Item Credit
Increase Credit acquirement by 10%
1-3 Outpost Defense Lesson
Product 08
Product 08
  • Study 1-2 Outpost Defense Lesson
  • 5,000Item Credit
Increase Combat Portrait acquirement by 10%
Class B 2-1 Outpost Lesson
iDoll Ocean
iDoll Ocean
  • Study 1-3 Outpost Defense Lesson
  • Construct Train Station
  • 10,000Item Credit
Unlock 3 Building slot(s)
2-2 Dispatch Lesson
iDoll Flower
iDoll Flower
  • Study 2-1 Outpost Lesson
  • 10,000Item Credit
Dispatch Range Modification
2-3 Outpost Defense Lesson
iDoll Ocean
iDoll Ocean
  • Study 2-2 Dispatch Lesson
  • 10,000Item Credit
Increase Credit acquirement by 10%
Class C 3-1 Outpost Lesson
Soldier OW
Soldier OW
  • Study 2-3 Outpost Defense Lesson
  • Construct Generator
  • 15,000Item Credit
Unlock 3 Building slot(s)
3-2 Outpost Defense Lesson
Product 23
Product 23
  • Study 3-1 Outpost Lesson
  • 15,000Item Credit
Increase Core Dust acquirement by 10%
3-3 Intercept Lesson
iDoll Sun
iDoll Sun
  • Study 3-2 Outpost Defense Lesson
  • 15,000Item Credit
You will receive extra rewards when performing Intercept Level D
3-4 Dispatch Lesson
  • Study 3-3 Intercept Lesson
  • 15,000Item Credit
Dispatch Range Modification

Synchro Device[]

Unlocked after clearing 4-15 of the story

Here, the 5 highest level Nikkes in your roster will be registered as "main" Nikkes. Any Nikke placed into the Synchro device will have their level scaled to the lowest-leveled "main" Nikke. Nikkes placed in the Synchro Device cannot be leveled up until removed, though they can still receive Limit Breaks/Core Enhancements and the associated stat boosts. Synchro Device scaling will apply regardless of the Nikke's level cap, so even an MLB SR with a level cap of 160 can be (temporarily) pushed past it if the minimum level is above that.

Removing a Nikke from a slot puts that slot into cooldown for 4 hours before you can set another Nikke, but the cooldown can be immediately finished for Gems. The device starts with 5 slots, more can be opened up by holding lessons at the Tactics Academy or by purchasing them with Gems.

Synchro Device Enhancement[]

After at least 5 Nikkes have been leveled up to 200, the Synchro Device enhancement will be unlocked. Credits, Battle Data, and Core Dust may now be invested into the Synchro Device itself rather than upgrading Nikkes. Doing so increases the Synchro Device's level, allowing Nikkes slotted in (including the 5 "main" Nikkes) to go beyond the original level cap.

At the time of writing, the Synchro Device (and thus the Nikkes in the device) can be enhanced to a maximum level of 496.

Command Center[]

The hub of the Outpost's operations and administration. A number of events associated with Counters squad occur here. This is also where the player can Advise Nikkes to increase Bond level, listen to music via the jukebox, review Lost Relics, watch cutscenes from previous story segments, play Side Stories as they are implemented, and unlock/replay old events via the Archives System.

Recycling Room[]

Unlocked after clearing ??-?? of the main campaign

In the Recycling Room, Consoles earned from various sources (Outpost Defense, events, Body Label Shop, etc.) can be used to upgrade the stats of Nikkes. Upgrades come in a few categories;

  • General upgrade: Uses Common consoles to increase all Nikkes' HP.
  • Class Upgrade: Use Class-specific consoles to increase HP and DEF of Nikkes in that class
  • Manufacturer Upgrade: Use Manufacturer-specific consoles to increase ATK and DEF of Nikkes from the Manufacturer

The maximum level that players can upgrade in the Recycling Room is dictated by the Synchro level in the Synchro Device.

Infrastructure Core[]

A research facility where Commanders can receive various benefits by completing the list of achievements.

Number 001 Accept All Dispatches Unlocked
Number 002 Dispatch List Cap increased
Number 003 Daily Advising Attempt increased
Number 004 Auto-Dispatch Unlocked
Number 005 Max Stamina increased
Number 006 Dispatch All Unlocked
Number 007 Common Shop Free resets increased Infra Stage 11
Number 008 Rookie Arena Free Entry increased
Number 009 Max Stamina increased
Number 010 Daily Advising Attempt increased
Number 011 Common Shop free Reset +1
Number 012 Daily Advising Attempt increased
Number 013 Max Stamina increased
Number 014 Dispatch List Cap increased
Number 015 Daily Advising Attempt increased
Number 016 n/a
Number 017 Dispatch List Cap increased
Number 018 Daily Advising Attempt increased
Number 019 n/a
Number 020 Dispatch List Cap increased Last stage as of 23/08/23


An elevator connecting the Outpost to the Ark and the surface. It seems prone to failures and breakdowns, but on closer inspection, it seems to have the same serial number as an elevator from a certain incident...

After clearing Stage 5-20 of the campaign, the elevator will unlock the Liberation system.

Bulletin Board[]

Dispatch eligible Nikkes to get rewards. The Dispatch Level Range on the Bulletin Board will change according to the lessons you complete at the Tactics Academy. Dispatches can only be completed once per day. Gems can be spent to reroll Dispatch missions, but only if there are still uncompleted missions.

After Stage 6-4 of the campaign and clearing the associated Tactics Academy courses, the Bulletin Board will begin issuing Collection Item missions alongside its usual lineup. These missions will grant either Mileage Boxes (to roll for a random Collection Item) or Maintenance Kits (to enhance Collection Items). A special Dispatch to acquire materials for Favorite Items will also be unlocked, though this mission can only be performed using the Nikke associated with that item.

Other Buildings[]

Despite the flavor text, these structures have no function beyond unlocking new courses at the Tactics Academy or Brief Encounters based on your Nikke roster

Building Description
Flower Park A flower park where blossoms are dancing in the wind.
Amusement Park A busy and noisy Amusement Park. With just a simple glance, the large Ferris wheel can impresss anyone.
Guest Camp The area where guests are received. While a bit shabby, it gets the job done.
Observatory An Observation Station that detects enemies approaching the Outpost. You can always find Nikkes from the Scouts here.
Police Station A Police Station that is responsible for maintaing public security in the Outpost. You can always find Nikkes from A.C.P.U. here.
Hotel A luxury hotel that welcomes all Nikkes.
Maid Cafe A cafe full of girlish charm. It seems that some maids work here. It's got a small and cozy atmosphere.
Toy Store A Toy Store filled with various intriguing toys. A huge eye-catching toy is also displayed in the store. You can always find Nikkes from Carronades here.
Train Station It hasn't been linked to the Ark and Train Station yet. You can always find Nikkes from Infinity Rail here.
Workshop A Workshop that churns out one item after another. You can always find Nikkes from Mighty Tools here.
Armory An armory wherer various weaponry used by Nikkes is stored. You can always find Nikkes from Absolute here.
Generator An enormous Generator. You can always find Nikkes from Matis here.
Trendy Bar A Trendy Bar where you can make small talk over a few cocktails. Non-alcoholic drinks are also avaiable for younger Nikkes. You can always find Nikkes from Exotic here.
Library A library for broadining one's horizon. You can always find Nikkes from Recall & Release, M.M.R here.[sic]
Hospital A Hospital that treats Nikkes, humans, and everything in between. You can always find Nikkes from Seraphim here.
Cafe A Cafe in the Outpost that specializes in vending machine coffee. You can always find Nikkes from Cafe Sweety here.
Theater A magnificent-looking opera house. You can always find Nikkes from Master Hand and Prima Donna here.
Seedy Club A suspicious-looking club. You can always find Nikkes from Wardress here.
Courthouse An immaculately maintained court, the symbol of justice and law. You can always find Nikkes from Triangle here.
Church A Church where one worshop and prays in faith. You can always find Nikkes from Extrinsic here.
Clothing Store A luxurious clothing store. You can always find Nikkes from Unlimited here.
Shopping Mall A Shopping Mall packed to the gills with goods that cater to all shopaholics' needs. You can always find Nikkes from Talentum here.
Radio Tower A Radio Tower that transmits and receives radio waves from the Ark. You can always find Nikkes from Protocol here.
Goddess of Victory Goddess of Victory, a statue of a Nikke. You can always find Nikkes from Pioneer here.
Wings of Victory A statue of wings. You can always find Nikkes from Inherit here.
Fitness Club A Fitness Club with various types of recreational sports facilities. You can always find Nikkes from Nepenthe here.