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For the other version, see Scarlet: Black Shadow.

Accustomed to close-quarters combat, fear is a foreign concept to her. Often has a playful smirk on her face as she does not take things seriously.

Scarlet is a Nikke from Pilgrim that has the specificity of using a Yedo sword. She is currently the only character to wield a melee weapon despite the game classifying Scarlet's weapon as an Assault Rifle apart from collaboration event characters.[1]


Skill AtkUp Skill 1: Blood for Blood
Skill type: Passive
Cooldown icon N/As
■ Activates after landing 10 normal attack(s). Affects self.

ATK ▲ 17.48%, stacks up to 5 time(s) and lasts for 5 sec. Current HP ▼ 4.01%.

Scaling per level
Skill level Percentage
Lv. 1 17.48%
Lv. 2 18.11%
Lv. 3 18.74%
Lv. 4 19.37%
Lv. 5 20%
Lv. 6 20.63%
Lv. 7 21.26%
Lv. 8 21.89%
Lv. 9 22.52%
Lv. 10 23.15%
Skill AtkUp Skill 2: Zaitochi
Skill type: Passive
Cooldown icon N/As
■ Affects the attacker. 30% chance of casting when attacked.

Deals 86.39% of final ATK as damage.
■ Affects self. Activates when HP falls below 60%.
Critical Damage ▲ 4.13% continuously.

Scaling per level
Skill level Percentage
Lv. 1 86.39% / 4.13%
Lv. 2 92.15% / 4.4%
Lv. 3 97.91% / 4.68%
Lv. 4 103.68% / 4.95%
Lv. 5 109.44% / 5.23%
Lv. 6 115.2% / 5.51%
Lv. 7 120.96% / 5.78%
Lv. 8 126.72% / 6.06%
Lv. 9 132.48% / 6.33%
Lv. 10 138.24% / 6.61%
Scarlet Skill Burst Burst: Scarlet Flash
Skill type: Active
Cooldown icon 40s
■ Affects self. Activates when HP falls below 50%.

Critical Rate ▲ 12.23% for 10 sec.
■ Affects all enemies.
Deals 530.71% of final ATK as damage.

Scaling per level
Skill level Percentage
Lv. 1 12.23% / 530.71%
Lv. 2 13.05% / 566.1%
Lv. 3 13.86% / 601.48%
Lv. 4 14.68% / 636.86%
Lv. 5 15.49% / 672.24%
Lv. 6 16.31% / 707.62%
Lv. 7 17.12% / 743%
Lv. 8 17.94% / 778.38%
Lv. 9 18.75% / 813.76%
Lv. 10 19.57% / 849.15%


  • Scarlet has the following aliases:
  • Scarlet is the first known mass-produced Nikke to have undergone so many upgrades and customization that she can no longer be called or compared to a "mass-produced" Nikke. The second confirmed case in lore is Rapi who changed after meeting Red Hood.
  • The Nikkes of the Goddess Squad (except for Liliweiss) are named after characters from real world fairy tales/folktales. For Scarlet, she is named in Korean (홍련; "red lotus") after a character of the same name from a Korean folktale "The Story of Janghwa and Hongryeon," a tale about two titular sisters, where Hongryeon is the younger of the two.
    • Just like Scarlet, in the story, Hongryeon had a deceased older sister named Janghwa who left her Yedo sword.
  • Her weapon's name in the original Korean version, "화무십일홍," means "no flowers are red (vivid) for ten days," a phrase that laments that golden ages of anyone, any place, anything, do not last long.
    • Hence it is translated into English as "Fleetly Fading."
    • It is a reference to an axiom common in Korea but not widely used in Japan. This is why in the Japanese dub it was read out as a sentence in the story, "花に十日の紅なし," instead read axiomatically, for the general Japanese players who would be unfamiliar with this term.
    • This phrase in turn comes from a South Song dynasty's poet Yang Wanli (楊萬里): 只道 花無十日紅, 此花無日無春風 一尖已剝胭脂筆, 四破猶包翡翠茸 別有香超桃李外, 更同梅斗雪霜中 折來喜作新年看,忘却今晨是季冬 Which was a poem written to praise the Chinese Rose's strong vitality/longevity compared to other flowers. It starts with: "It was said, 'flowers lose their redness (vitality) after ten days,' but this flower has no day without spring winds."
  • Her name in its original, untranslated Korean form would consist of a ‘홍’ and a ‘련’, meaning ‘red’ and ‘lotus’ respectively.
  • Scarlet's English name is likely based on The Scarlet Flower, also known as The Little Scarlet Flower or The Little Red Flower, is a Russian folk tale written by Sergey Aksakov. It is an adaptation of traditional fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. In Russia, Beauty and the Beast story is known mostly via Aksakov's retelling.
  • Scarlet shares the same Korean character voice with Shifty.
  • Scarlet shares the same English character voice with Chime and Vesti.
  • Scarlet has the lowest ammunition amount out of all Assault Rifle-type Nikkes.
  • In the CBT versions of the game, Scarlet's chibi model wields an assault rifle.
  • Scarlet won second place in the first Doki Doki NIKKE Global Popularity Poll with 1,177,115 votes.
    • Scarlet won third place in the second poll with 820,929 votes, while her alternate version Scarlet: Black Shadow simultaneously won fifth place.