Nikke Goddess of Victory International Wiki

The Shop is a gameplay mechanic in 'Goddess of Victory: Nikke'.


The Shop system is where currencies (free or premium) can be exchanged for various items. Of course, there is also a Cash Shop where real-world money can be exchanged for bundles or even denominations of Gems, the game's premium currency.

Free Shops[]

These are in-game shops with contents that can be (theoretically) purchased without spending real money. Refreshes every day, but Gems can be spent to manually refresh the stock.

Mighty Tools (General Shop)[]

Also referred to as the Common shop, this shop provides resources like Credits, Battle Data, Core Dust, Gifts, and some equipment. Some of it can be purchased for Credits, others for Gems. The Common Shop will always provide a sum of Credits, Battle Data, or Core Dust completely for free in each lineup

Upgrading the Infrastructure Core at the Outpost can grant free refreshes of the Common Shop's lineup.

Talentum Mall (Union Shop)[]

Union Chips earned from participating in Union Raid events can be exchanged for Batteries to enhance Harmony Cubes, as well as Spare Bodies for Liberation Nikkes.

Blacknet (Body Label Shop)[]

Body Labels earned from acquiring duplicates of Max Limit Break Nikkes in the recruit system can be traded in for consoles to upgrade the Recycling Room at the Outpost or SSR Molds to try and recruit an SSR Nikke.

Rushae (Arena Shop)[]

Arena Credits earned from playing and winning in the Arena can be spent to buy element-exclusive skill upgrade materials or equipment with manufacturer bonuses.

Miles Co. (Mileage Ticket Shop)[]

Mileage Tickets earned from rolling Premium Recruit can be spent here. Silver Tickets can be used to buy Spare Bodies (Limit Break/Core Upgrade material) for Nikkes depending on the daily lineup. Gold Tickets can be spent to buy the Mold of whatever Nikke is currently on rate-up in the Special Recruitment, instantly acquiring that character. Mileage Tickets do not expire between banners.

Volt (Recycling Shop)[]

Broken Cores earned from Co-Op Battle can be traded for rewards like Gems and Gifts here.

Cash Shop[]

As with any other mobile game reliant on microtransactions as a monetization scheme, there are special bundles and items that can only be purchased using real-life money. This can include cosmetics for various Nikkes or Premium Gems, which are the only valid currency for some aspects such as Guaranteed SSR Recruits.