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The Tribe Tower is both a location and a gameplay mode for Goddess of Victory: Nikke.


The Tribe Tower is a virtual environment simulator maintained by the Central Government for commanders and their squads to challenge themselves and push beyond their limits. To incentivize participation, rewards are offered to anyone who can ascend the tower.

The Manufacturer Towers are made specifically so that the Big Three can stress test the abilities of their Nikkes. To prevent company secrets from leaking out, restrictions are imposed to prevent Nikkes from other companies from being used in the towers.

In that sense, the odd one out is the Pilgrim Tower. Made in secret under Deputy Chief Andersen's orders, this Tower is intended to collect data on Pilgrims and their abilities by running them through combat simulations. As most Pilgrims are wary of extended interaction with the Ark and its people (and having very good reason to be), the passages to this tower are kept secret, and the data is accessible only by Andersen himself...


Towers are split between the standard Tribe Tower and the special Manufacturer Towers

Tribe Tower[]

Create a squad of up to 5 Nikkes to challenge increasingly difficult stages in the Tower. Gameplay wise, these floors will use the same Destroy/Defense/Base Defense format of campaign or event stages. Each stage you clear offers rewards such as Gems, Credits, and Battle Data.

Manufacturer Towers[]

Functionally the same as the Tribe Tower, but with 3 major changes;

  1. Nikkes from factions other than the designated Manufacturers CANNOT be used i.e. you cannot deploy Missilis Nikkes in the Tetra Tower.
  2. Whether you pass or fail, you can only challenge 3 stages of the Manufacturer Tower per day
  3. The Tower(s) available rotates every day

In exchange for these extra restrictions, clearing the levels in Manufacturer Towers grants you special Molds, which can be used to acquire a random Nikke from that specific Manufacturer i.e. clearing Elysion Tower grants you Elysion Molds, which can be used to roll for a random Elysion Nikke. Every 30 stages completed will reward the player 1 pull for a Manufacturer Mold.