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Union refers to the guild-based gameplay element of Goddess of Victory: Nikke.


The Union system is unlocked after reaching commander level 10. Players can either join a preexisting Union or create one for Gems.

By playing the game and completing daily Missions, players generate Union Activity Points, which when enough are accrued, will cause the Union to level up. Union level affects member capacity, but otherwise has no other effects.

Firing Range[]

A free-play score attack where Union members can test the damage output of Nikke squads. Players' scores are noted on the Union leaderboard, but playing the mode offers no other benefits.

As of the Red Ash update, the firing range has seen major changes. The element of the Raptures that spawn can now be preset. The time limit can be set to 1 minute 30 seconds or 3 minutes. The Scope Lock function allows the player to see how their squad would hypothetically perform at level 200.

Trial Nikke[]

The Trial Nikke function allows players to try out the current Special Recruit Nikke. Trial Nikkes are subject to the following presets;

  • Level 200 with no Core Enhancements
  • Standard and Burst Skills at level 10
  • Equipment is a full set of Tier 9 Gear at level 5 with no Manufacturer bonuses.
  • Bond is set to level 30

Trial Nikkes will still benefit from the effects of the Recycling Room in the Outpost

Scores will not be recorded when Scope Lock or Trial Nikkes are used.

Union Raid[]

Locked to Unions level 3 or higher, this mode pits all members of a Union against increasingly tougher bosses to earn Union Chips that can be exchanged in the Shop.

When playing a Union Raid, players can choose to either perform a test battle or a real battle. Test battles do not consume attempts, but the damage will not be reflected on the boss' global health bar. Real battles will track progress, but players are limited to 3 attempts per day, and Nikkes cannot be used more than once per day on Union Raid squads.

During a Union Raid, players cannot leave a Union, nor can they be kicked out of a Union.