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Each Nikke uses personal weapons to fight Raptures, and each of these weapons is part of one of six categories of weaponry, though some characters do not use a gun, like Scarlet and her katana.


A Nikke's weapon has a heavier recoil and increased durability than a regular human weapon, making it ideal for a Nikke. However, their weapons are too cumbersome to be used by humans.[1]

Weapon Types[]

Standard Weapons[]

These weapons are fairly simple in their operation. As long as an applicable target is being aimed at, these weapons will fire until they either run out of ammo, the target is destroyed, or the target exits the line of fire.

Charge Weapons[]

Some weapons instead work on a "semi-automatic" system, where holding down the button charges a shot, and releasing it will fire. If a shot is allowed to fully charge, it will deal increased damage, and can trigger skill effects depending on the Nikke.

Type Name Shorthand Icon Crosshair Effective Range Description
Standard Shotgun SG Icn weapon sg full Icn weapon sg Range CloseClose Shotguns fire a spread of bullets all at once, piling damage onto close-range targets. The bullets rapidly disperse as they travel, making this a subpar weapon for long range.
Submachine Gun SMG Icn weapon smg full Icn weapon smg Submachine Guns fire very quickly, have a decent amount of ammunition, and reload fairly quickly. Their only downside is their short range on par with shotguns stemming from high bullet dispersion.
Machine Gun MG Icn weapon mg full Icn weapon mg Range MidMid Machine Guns have an even greater ammo capacity than SMGs and can fire even faster with somewhat higher range and accuracy, making them effective against swarms. Machine guns have a comparatively longer reload time, and need to slowly build up to their maximum firing speed. Additionally, unlike other weapons, machine guns will not stop firing when there is no applicable target. Stopping to reload will reset the rate of fire.
Assault Rifle AR Icn weapon ar full Icn weapon ar Assault Rifles have a decent balance of ammo, rate of fire, and damage, making them a reliable damage source across all ranges. The downside is that as a jack-of-all-trades gun, ARs will underperform against more specialized weapons in their ideal use situation.
Charge Sniper Rifle SR Icn weapon sr full Icn weapon sr Range FarFar Sniper Rifles have an extremely long-range and a zoom-in scope that allows for precise aiming, allowing them to attack faraway foes and target weakpoints. The downside to SRs is that they have a low rate of fire, low ammo count, and slow reloading speed, making them a poor choice for swarms.
Rocket Launcher RL Icn weapon rl full Icn weapon rl N/A[Note 1] Rocket Launchers fire explosives that inflict area of effect damage. This makes them effective against groups, but their output can be mediocre against small or solitary foes. RLs are not subject to the damage modifiers based on distance from the enemy, so in a pinch, they can be used to target faraway foes. Because the projectiles of a RL actually fly slower than bullets, it may become necessary to lead or time shots, otherwise mistakes can occur, such as an ally destroying the targeted foe causing the rocket to fly uselessly into the distance.

Obtaining Weapons[]

It is currently expected for weapons to be part of the dropped items after completing a run of different game modes, and for them to be craftable using materials gathered through fights as well.


  1. Rocket Launchers are unaffected by range.
  1. Story, Chapter 22: "Sakura's Task."